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Friday, April 22, 2016



PUBLIC (Iloilo City & Province including PPPs)

-JRMP II - PhP 11.9B - 13B (on-going)
-Iloilo International Airport Expansion/Upgrade - initial (PhP 5.5 B-11B) now 14.5B (in the pipeline)
-Metro Iloilo Urban Drainage Improvement Master Plan -PhP 4.23B (in the pipeline)
-Circumferential 1 Road (14Km) - initial-PhP 1.9B now Php 2.1B (on-going)
-Iloilo Convention Center - PhP 1B (COMPLETED)
-Calle Real Redevelopment - PhP 1B (on-going)
-Hospital Reforms Enhancement Programs - PhP 828.8M(on going)
-Old CBD Revitalization Project - PhP 800M - (in the pipeline)
-Dumangas Container Port Development - PhP 500M (on-going)
-Expansion 150KM Iloilo-Capiz-Aklan Highway - PhP 500M-1B (in the pipeline)
-Jaro-IloĆ­lo Diversion Road Project - PhP 550M (Phase 1 & 2 -on-going)
-Iloilo-Capiz Road Rehabilitation (28km Cabatuan-Calinog) -PhP 365M (on-going)
-Provincial Road Improvement - PhP 355.3M (on-going)
-Arroyo to Lapuz Bridge (Drilon Bridge) - PhP 300M (in the pipeline)
-Iloilo City to Airport Road Project - PhP ???M (on-going)
-Iloilo City Sanitary Landfill (via HYDRONET Consultants) - PhP 297M (in the pipeline)
-Heavy Equipment Acquisition (Province) - PhP 252.8M - (on-going)
-Jaro-Leganes Road Widening (7.10km) - PhP 200M (on-going)
-Iloilo Fish Port Complex Upgrade - PhP 200M (in the pipeline) + PhP 105M Breakwater (on-going)
-Iloilo Fastcraft and RORO Terminal -PhP 200M (on-going)
-Radial 4-Bypass Road (11km) - PhP 178M (COMPLETED)
-Iloilo River Plains Subdivision -PhP 170M (on-going)
-Integrated Rice-Processing Complex - PhP 147.4M(COMPLETED)
-GIFT - PhP 135M - PPP with DD (on-going) + PhP 200MPark Component and Marine Museum via DOTC + PhP 126M Port Facilities Upgrade (in the pipeline)
-Iloilo River Esplanade (Phase 1,2,3,4) PhP 70M + 37M +100M (P1-completed, P2-on-going, P3 -groundbreak June 27, 2014)
-PAG-ASA Weather Station (with Doppler Radar) - PhP 110M(COMPLETED)
-Dungon Bridge (Diversion Road - Nabitasan) - PhP 100M(on hold)

PRIVATE (Iloilo City & Iloilo Province )

-GERI-SBHT - PhP 43B (on-going)
-MegaWorld-IBP - PhP 35B (on-going)
-Atria Park District by ALI - Php 15B (on-going)
-GBPC-PEDC 150MW Expansion - PhP 15.69B(COMPLETED)
-Palm Concepcion Power Corp. 135MW - PhP 12.5B - 13B( on going)
-Palm Concepcion Power Corp. Expansion by 2019 - PhP 10B (proposed)
-Dream Engineering Co. Ltd Waste to Energy Power Project - PhP 10 B (in the pipeline)
-Sicogon Island Redevelopment Project (ALI) - PhP 6 -10B(groundbreak)
-10 IBP Office Towers by MW - PhP 5B (Proposed)
-Savannah City by Vista Land - PhP 5B (on-going)
-Synova Power 18 MW Waste to Energy Project - PhP 4B(proposed)
-Green Power Panay Philippines Inc.(35 MW, Phase 1- 17.5 MW @ US $ 40M, Phase 2 - 17.5 MW @ US $ 40M) - US $ 80 M (PhP 3.36 B) (on-going)
-Medicus Medical Center (COMPLETED) + Medicus Plaza + Medicus Cancer Institute - PhP 2B - PhP 3B (partially completed, on going)
-NV Vogt Singapore Pte.Ltd. 5-10 MW Power Plant - PhP 2.5B (proposed)
-Iloilo City Center by Gaisano - PhP 2B initially (on going)
-Ilawod Courtyard and Country Club - PhP 2B (groundbreak)
-Courtyard Hotel by Marriott - PhP 1.5B (on-going almost done)
-5 CityMall by CityMall Commercial Center Inc. (JV of DD-SMIC) - PhP 1.5B (partially completed, on going)
-Ayala TechnoHub Iloilo - PhP 1B (on going - 1 out of 3 buildings done)
-Energy Renewables Asia 10MW Solar Power Project - PhP 1.2 B (proposed)
-Intra Care Hotel and Tourism Project - PhP 1 B (proposed)
-Pototan Biomass Project - US $22M (PhP 902M) - (proposed)
-AYALA Atria Tower One and Storeys (Two Buildings) - PhP 670M (ground-breaked, on-going)
-QualiMed Hospital Iloilo (formerly UPMC-Iloilo) - PhP 600M (COMPLETED)
-Richmonde Hotel and Tower - PhP 500M (COMPLETED)
-Megaworld One and Two Global Center - PhP 248M (COMPLETED)
-Ateneo de Iloilo Phase 2 Expansion - PhP 200M (on-going)
-INJAP Tower Condotel - Php 181 M (COMPLETED)
-The Uptown Place - PhP 151.8M (COMPLETED)
-Grand Imperial Hotel Phase 1- PhP 120.28M (on-going)
-25 7/11 stores - Php 100 M (approx. based on Php 4 Million/store franchise) (partially accomplished, on going)

*Project Name - Budget - Status (proposed, in the pipeline, groundbreaking, on-going, on hold, completed)
*in the pipeline - already funded but construction haven't started yet

*This list is STRICTLY for projects worth 100M and up

On going private projects without info on project costs :
-OMP 1 & 2, 3 [14F|res]
-Grand Imperial Hotel 2 [14F|Com]
-DIVERSION 21  (partially completed, on going)
-Prince World Condo
-Eagle Crest Condo [4F|Res]
-Ajuy Biomass Project
-Plazuela De Iloilo Dos
-San Rafael 21
-SM ILOILO Expansion (partially completed, on going)

-La Fayette Park Square Condo [14F|res]  (on going)
-Robinson's Place Jaro [mix] (on going)
-One Spatial Iloilo [10Fx2|res] (on going)
-One and Two Techno Place [4Fx2|mix] (almost done)

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