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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Game of Life

The clock is ticking. The time is about to come. Its time to leave and start a new beginning. To start the game, roll the dice and break free from the chains of cruelty, sufferings and injustice and set foot on the ground of joy of independence and break the spell of disenchantment and evolve into the world of reality and comfort. Life itself is mysterious like the wind, we feel it but we can't see it. It is clever like the jack of all trades, it snatches life, ruin lives of others and take away moments in a split second. It is unfair in that it is bias on consequences regardless of how you react and doesn't consider any sentiments. It is the source of great contrasts, extreme highs and lows, your ultimate happiness or your great sorrow and pain, you may gain strengths or you may lose into your weaknesses and either you can take it or leave it and put you in a make or break situation.

Everything happens for a reason. You can't appreciate the beauty and purpose of life if you won't pass through the edges of it. At times you enjoy the comforts and at times the most awkward, perilous situations you can encounter the darkness to see the light, the wound to see the scar, the pain to find the comfort, the anxiety to obtain security, the weaknesses to gain strengths, the sorrow to embrace joy. In order to gain much, you must sacrifice much like your most priceless precious diamond jewelry you must pawn for a great necessity. But when we're almost there getting what we want, we lose it and later, we found someone bigger, greater and better much beautiful than before as replacement such is the explanation of life - the reason why things happen. In order to achieve ultimate, eternal happiness you must endure the greatest pain life has to offer.

Life has a start and end and in the end there's a new beginning. Like the leaves it prides itself in the field of vast sunlight. When autumn comes, it withers and fall to the ground and die, and in spring another set of leaves replaces it. Like in death, as most people agrees, there's a life beyond it, a new different kind of life - a life of hel or a life of heaven. As you are about to embark to a new beginning in your life, gather all the pain, sufferings, sorrows, anxiety and anguish you have and collect it and keep it and set sail and once you dock on a strange land, exchange your collections with fulfilled dreams and happiness.

You can play life like a snake and ladder, chess, monopoly, trivial pursuit. checkers, and game of the generals or play it like today's pc games - Sims, CounterStrike, Dota, Ragnarok, Command and Conquer.

That's the rule of the game called - - - L I F E ! ! !