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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vin Diesel, What Do You Think?

Freakin' out. Cryin. Those ain't cool stuff. Vin Diesel know these. To cry over spilt milk is damn. Butterflies in the stomach? Yeah, for sure. Colors? Yep, I agree.

Scared? On a thing called "LOVE".

Weakness/(es)? only one thing - love.
Biggest fear? Fear of rejection, fall out of love, heartbreak.

Favorite shout-out: (in mind) awoooh-awo-awo-awo (remember Scooby Doo?!)

Favorite line: Take action: Placeholder listings; External Proof: To be completed later. ;-)

Cool Thing You Can Do: I can be damn and bit** about the one I love and for the sake of it without the person making damn out of me (you f***in s***)

End Note Today: Drink and Be Merry Today for Tomorrow Is Yet To Come!

Comic Thoughts: "If cent coins persist, cosult your konduktor."