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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's With The Name?

Many people in the chat rooms, in forums, in networking sites or other personal sites why I labeled my blogs and frequently used he name bootsguy in these sites. Some people thought I am selling boots, some offered their rainboots and others are annoyed when I constantly bugged them in chatroom with the usual catchphrase I use to look for someone to talk to and share interests and stories. They think it would be silly for me to think of boots, its smell when the feet is choked up in the boots and it perspires it contains germs that cause athlete's foot that stinks like a skunk or a rat, how it is being worn is too heavy and uncomfortable and most of all so unusual and weird for them to hear from someone so engrossed or deify a heavy and thick shoes people don't like to wear and only soldiers, workers, and adventurers would like to slip it on their feet. The main reason why I labeled this blog and myself bootsguy is a description of myself and who I am and what I feel. I know you are still confused and still intrigues of what I am talking. If these days, teenagers are devoted to their emo culture, I could compare myself to its counterpart in Europe - the skinhead. For you to know about skinhead, search wikipedia for skinhead and also to further support your knowledge about it, I would like to quote the site - Recon and Hotboots for the definition and explanation of boots fetishism.