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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Poll Automation in the Philippines: Will It Be Free From Sabotage and Dishonest Election

         In a country where Politics is business and a source of income, corruption is at worse and is a common activity in the Philippines from the national post to the lowest community position. People of all ages still consider corruption as their main concern. Every election, cheating is a politician way of getting into service thereby pocketing millions of people’s money. This 2010 election, automation of polls will be conducted for the first time in the country to ensure a clean and honest election and to accelerate the speed of the election result. But no matter how noble the intention of poll automation is, several individuals or groups are trying to demolish the reputation of it so as to force the Commission on Election, the poll governing body, to reverse to the primitive way of voting and counting of election returns. From politicians to the clergies to the leftist group to the media outfits and broadsheet columnist are trying to sabotage the automation and recommend to return back to manual elections vulnerable and susceptible to cheating favorable to the politicians whom they are patronizing and who bribed them.

         Several mechanisms, tactics and strategies have been employed by the desperate people to sow their selfish interests and motives in this hopeless country of opportunistic and ignorant citizens. One of the newer methods of sabotaging the automated election is the use of signal jammers to avert or thwart the transmission of data and information and in this case, transmission of election results to the provincial and national tabulating board – another ploy to destroy the reputation of automated election and shift back to manual elections. Would there be any good things that will happen in this country?
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