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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kosovo's Marigona Dragusha Should've Been The 2009 Miss Univers

It would have been a fateful night of August 23, 2009 for the 19 year-old Gona Dragusha of Kosovo. She would’ve made headlines all throughout the world as the first woman of her newest country to win the Miss Universe title on their debut on the pageant. A beautiful question was asked to her by the television actor-host Dean Cain which she answered with difficulty. This is the question asked and I suggested an answer which cost her the title.

Justine Timberlake once said “The worst thing about being famous is invading your privacy,” but what about being famous that people are craving for?

Being famous is what most people desire. The things about fame that most people aspire for is that first, is the advantage and opportunity to push through your plans and platforms by championing your causes, the power to influence other people’s lives and last the opportunity to empower the less privilege, the unfortunate and the low in self-esteem.
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