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Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Games 2010 Drama and Celebrations

       The Winter Olympics is making waves for a two week run in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada’s second largest city after Toronto. As the games brings to a close, there is so much beautiful and precious moments we will cherish about the games. Inasmuch as I want to watch and cover the Games myself for my blog I can’t for financial reasons. Unfortunately, I am not in Vancouver, at the courtside to watch the events as it happens though I have a few relatives and friends half an hour outside Vancouver and they must be watching the games. Even though I am living in a hot tropical country but still I love the Winter Games and just enjoy watching it from the comforts of my home.

       In just a short span of the games, we’ve seen dramatic twist and turns as the events unfold. The glitzy opening ceremony has been highlighted by the tragic death of a Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvilli as the sporting spectacle is about to begin – this should remind us no matter how cool the games were, safety and security measures should be at utmost priority.

      On the main feature that caps the glory of the games, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of bemedalled athletes in the likes of Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso, Maria Riesch, Anja Paerson, Evgeni Plushenko, Apollo Anton Ohno, Simon Amman, Shani Davis, Shaun White among others while we also been treated to a glance of the rising stars in the person of Evan Lysacek, Lydia Lassila, J.R. Celski, Lee Jung-su, Mark Tuitert, Andrea Fischbacher, Marcus Hellner, Adam Malysz, Ksenia Makarova among others. We also join the celebration when Tora Berger reached a milestone in giving her native country Norway their 100th gold medal and later, Emile Hegle Svendsen contributed the 101st. Who would’ve imagine Alexandre Bilodeau touted as “Alexandre the Great” touted as “Alexandre the Great” would be hailed as a hero for giving the first gold medal for Canada as a host country when it failed to deliver a single gold in the two previous Olympics hosting of Canada. Vancouver Winter Games is not complete without the forlorn acts when a Danish curler cries out for her poor performance due to poor concentration caused by the raucous, rowdy and jeering audience and the Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer’s coach forgetfulness which annoys or even makes us laugh. These heroes or rising stars gives us new hopes and inspiration, gave us valuable lessons like the possibilities of impossible, shattering failures but unwavering faith in success and victory yet they remain ordinary individuals humble before and after the games. It also shows us that Winter Games can gave us as much intense drama and action as the Summer Games can deliver and hooked us all in the “REAL” hit reality series whether we can watch it on television or on the sporting venues watching it live and on real time.

       I hope that by the succeeding Winter Games in the future, I would be present in the sporting venues watching as the events unfold covering the games for this blog or just having fun watching it!
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