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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miss USA 2012 Pre-Arrival Favorites 1-10

          Miss USA 2012 will be held at a venue and specific date to be formally announced by the Miss Universe Organization, the mother company of Miss USA. Fifty-one (51) candidates representing the 50 states and the District of Columbia will fight it out for the crown of Miss USA 2012 and to represent the United States at the Miss Universe 2012 at a venue and specific date to be announced by the Miss Universe Organization. Meanwhile, before the ladies hit the stage and compete for the title, photos of the 51 ladies surfaced on the web and the pageant fans and pundits including me cannot help but make their own favorites or bets for the crown before their arrival and even before they compete. Here is my own early list of pre-arrival favorites for the crown. Their numbers here signify the rankings of ladies, whose timeless and effortless beauty, natural elegance and personality in the pictures captured my attention most. So here goes my favorites for Miss USA 2012!

                            1. South Dakota - Taylor Nielsen

                                           2. Virginia - Catherine Muldoon

                                 3. Texas - Brittany Booker

                                                   4. California - Natalie Pack

                               5. Alabama - Katherine Webb

                        6. Connecticut - Marie Lynn Piscitelli

                                              7. Michigan - Kristen Danyal

                                8. Georgia - Jasmyn Wilkins

                                         9. Alaska - Jessica Kazmierczak

                             10. New Mexico - Jessica Martin