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Monday, February 20, 2012

Reason Why I Don't Get A Lot Of Traffic In This Blog :(

          A lot of bloggers and writers or site owners gain at least a million traffic in just one or two years and I wonder why. Until recently I found out that geolocation or geographic location of the write/author/site owner is a key role in determining the interests of people wanting to read your articles or visit your site therefore gaining traffic. If you are located and writes your articles in a highly urbanized city, chances are you will have a immediately have a huge following, a swarm or a heavy traffic to your site and several number of readers reading your article in a fastest way. It will just take you a short period of time to gain following, spur traffic and generate a lot of interested readers as well as they will stay on your site and read your articles for a long period if you are living in a highly urbanized city most especially if you are living in a progressive and much developed country.
          On the other hand, if you are just living in a quiet small rural area or a small town it will take you quite sometime to generate traffic and only get few readers reading your articles staying for a short period of time. Almost 5 years ago, I wrote my first few articles for a blog in a highly urbanized city and observed that I gain a lot of traffic in just a short period of time and I was very happy with the outcome considering I only wrote quite a few number of articles then. Since I am writing my articles now in a small farming but boring town, for almost three years now, I only get more than 100,000 visits to my site with visitors coming from at least 196 countries. It will take me at least quarter of a century to gain a significant number of traffic and readers to my site. What a very sad fate of my blog that I struggle to put up with my blood and sweat to come up with good articles.