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Friday, October 5, 2012

A New Paradise In The Philippines Will Rise

Gigantes Island, Carles, Iloilo, Philippines 

 Tumaguin Island, Sicogon, Carles 

Sicogon Islands, Iloilo, Philippines 

A new premier luxury resort will rise in one of these islands in the central Philippines in the town of Carles in the province of Iloilo. This is Gigantes Islands. The Department of Trade and Industry is willing to fund a project development assistance of 2 billion pesos or roughly $50 million to develop these island for tourism and related activities. Foreign investments and projects are well encouraged by government to develop these islands into world class destinations provided they meet certain guidelines and strictly adhere to regulations and control to preserve the natural beauty and bounty of these islands. Another promoted island for investment is the Sicogon Islands also in Carles town, Iloilo province.