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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 Final Pre-Arrival Picks 1-10

         In my previous editions of my hot picks for different beauty pageants, I only uploaded the pictures of the contestants who I believe has a strong chance of making in at least as a semifinalist and also some of the favored to win the crown and title. This time around I will have to say something about my choices to justify my selection of favorites for the crown. 
       A week ago, I published my first pre-arrival pick for Miss Earth those whose first impressions usually lingers in my head and shows some character by the way they portray themselves in those images. But as the week progress, as more countries elect their representatives to Miss Earth and as time draws near the start of Miss Earth 2012, new surprises and contestants changes my leaderboard.  So here now with finality only on pre arrival my choices for Miss Earth 2012. 
      While the formidable top 5 in my list did not change because they show strong presence and promises and expect a strong performance from them, my top 10 have some changes. With the addition of Dominican Republic replacing Ukraine which is very far in my list, the rest remains unchanged. Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Sweden and India are expected to do very well in the competition and also expected to give their strong performance in the finals. Czech Republic is such an enchantress that can prove ideal for the crown with her stature, poise, personality and skills a complete package hard to overwhelm. USA due to her stint and experience in beauty competition will give her an extra advantage over the others. Her strong but lovely physical feature which is attributed by her Spanish blood and sense of appeal may reflect well not only by the viewers but also by the judges same with the Brazilian flair Camilla Brant whose confidence results in her very classy sophisticated style and the prim and proper manner reflected that of a beauty queen. Lots of contestants can learn from this glamorous woman. Sweden presentation skills is undeniably superb and can give others a tough competition very impressive. India on the other hand can project all angles beautiful while proving to us that she is not only beautiful outside but also from within. Her noble projects in the local communities in the remote rural parts of India her proudest achievement would make us adore this lady. . Crimea, Dominican Republic which is the newest in my list at number 7, Colombia, Russia and Finland will pull surprises comes November when the ladies finally landed in Manila. There are more to these ladies than what we just saw in them in their pictures. Expect them to do very well in the competition that the judges will have a tough time to decide. By the way, pageant powerhouse Venezuela is out of my list for the first time since I start selecting my favorites. I am over Venezuela Osmariel Villalobos for now because she looks uninteresting to me. Venezuela is not in my list because she looks too conventional too plain to be true. 

1. Czech Republic - Tereza Fajksova 

2. USA - Siria Bojorquez 

3. Brazil - Camila Brant 

4. Sweden - Camilla Hansson 

5. India - Prachi Mishra 

6. Crimea - Liudmyla Kuzmina 

7. Dominican Republic - Rocio Castellanos 

8. Colombia - Cindy Kohn 

9. Russia - Natalia Pereverzeva 

10. Finland - Kristina Airi