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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 Final Pre-Arrival Picks 11-20

The beautiful and elegant Wales is still standing strong at number 11 on my list and her bewitching beauty, wit and projects are her strong assets to make it as a semifinalist whom we expect to deliver the goods. Each time I see this lady reminds me of another Welsh who placed very high in the Miss Universe 1974 which happens to be held also in Manila that time where Helen Morgan placed 1st runner up to Amparo Muñoz of Spain who became Miss Universe 1974. She also reminds me of Jade Kelsall of Nevada who end up third runner up in Miss USA 2012. Will we see another Welsh to place in the beauty pageant competition after so long of drought? Hometown girl Stephany Stefanowitz will welcome the girls with a radiant smile and stunning charm that is her best asset. She will also bring her A-game into the competition with her unique mixed ancestry beauty, alluring charm with wide brimming smile, and also her astounding personality will help her much as she tries to win the second title for her country. If ever she wins, it is well deserved because she works hard for it and her untiring efforts to preserve nature and ideal projects for environments also justify her for the crown but she is up against other fierce and very stunning ladies to win the crown for their country for the first time. New in my list in number 13 is the newly elected Austria's Sandra Seidl and reminds me of a very lovely statuesque and classic Barbie Doll Eva Rueber-Staier also of Austria who became a semifinalist in Miss Universe 1969 won by the Philippines Gloria Diaz. Sandra's mysticism will feed the curiosity of many and her charm will hopefully entice the crowd into her and help her at least a slot in the finals. South Africa's Tamerin Jardine is hard to ignore not only by her attractive and seductive beauty but also her sincere concern for nature most especially for the vast wildlife of her native South Africa. Her project is also commendable knowing that her country's best practices and her project would be a good model for other countries to follow to preserve and protect the wildlife.Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina are also great women of beauty and accomplishments and might give us some pleasant surprises in the competition. Moldova who is new in my list at number 18 might rank high and might get noticed and caught the attention of many people and the judges themselves. Her alluring charisma and outstanding personality and stage presence might earned her positive reviews and feedback that will help her have a slot in the finals. Korea which was replaced by Austria at number 13 fell down in my list 6 notches down at number 19 with some many new stunning women elected from other country who overwhelmed and toppled her in the position but Korea who is a dark horse here would fight her way back and might be noticed by pundits if she play her cards well. The cellar dweller and remains unchanged is Lebanon, Eliane Khawand who despite her charming images might be difficult if she doesn't discover her strongest asset and fatal flaws, maximize her full potential and put them to work. She needs to walk the talk if she wants to be noticed and make it at least as a semifinalist. Special mentions to  Denmark, Turkey and Ukraine who also have strong potentials. You observe Venezuela's absence in my list. I haven't seen her too bad nor too good yet  in my list. Her beauty is already outdated to me and over all, sad to say is below my expectation. I hate stereotypes. My list for the finals is subject to change as the competition heats up. Some favorites of many are not included in my list because I am still half-hearted with them. They are still lukewarm to me or are playing safe because I go for a strong woman who is strong enough to compete. There you go my selection for pre arrival as we are getting closer to the start of Miss Earth 2012. We will see what my list impressions on these ladies once they set foot in Manila first week of November. I will monitor the progress of the competition, observe and score them in different categories and see the stars who shines brighter and see the stars whose brilliance are flickering and fading then I will come up with my final set of favorites few days before the finals of Miss Earth 2012. Good luck girls!

11. Wales - Zoe Kinsella 

12. Philippines - Stephany Stefanowitz 

13. Austria - Sandra Seidl 

14. South Africa - Tamerin Jardine 

15. Trinidad and Tobago - Amryl Nurse 

16. Kazakhstan - Svetlana Raschshupkina 

17. Bosnia and Herzegovina - Zerina Sirbegovic 

18. Moldova - Aliona Chitoroaga 

19. Korea - Sara Kim 

20. Lebanon - Eliane Khawand

Special Mentions: Denmark, Turkey and Ukraine