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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Sims 3 Images And The Stories Behind

Jerson is helping his brother Carlisle with his homework while their mum, Taylor is watching her favorite tv show. What a nice family to move in a peaceful community.

A blitzkrieg fighting erupted at the park between two bitter rival in love and in business. They have misunderstandings and history of bitter rivalry, hate crimes and other weird acts like the circus. Someone will put the heads of the two on two elephant's ass.

Another fighting erupted at the pool due to some foolish acts and crude jokes they might be sensitive and take jokes as offense so the ugly faggot who is temperamental at that time showed her what she got and learned her lesson. Good take he uses only wholesome and good jokes since then.

OMG and the family is shocked to learn one of their daughter is burned while repairing their appliance. Lucky for her firemen arrived on time to save her and the house from totally burn down to ashes. She looks like a tribe performer in Dinagyang Festival Street Dance Competition. lol...

Mother and son are busy fishing in a pond outside their home and they got anchovies, minnows and clownfish, good start for beginners.

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