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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Sims 3 Images and the Stories Behind

The grim reaper is about to take the soul of the wicked and take him to the underworld.

The skinny starving brother of the dead is looking at his body being taken away by the grim reaper. Since he is starving and imprisoned in a dark room, he will be the next to be dragged to the fiery and feisty underworld.

This lady is so strong he can carry weights up to 200 lbs on his arms before defecating. Awww....

This evil lady is not satisfied of robbing a candy out of the kid, she still has lots of evil plan to do only to be thwarted by angels who were against her plan. She will then have some ridiculous repercussions after.

The whole family is watching tv on Mondays talking about their lives and their plans for vacation. What a wonderful Modern Family!

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