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Monday, September 6, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade II Year 6

A beautiful place where people come and go,

will hear a trial but soon be proved not guilty.

A savior, in white and fair, shall defend and protect.

Then most and all in awe and amazement.

Year 7

The second and third highest will engage,

in a conspiracy did not expect.

Trusted and loved by people, shall topple the one they serve.

Not one who conspire be put in his place.

Year 8

One humble nation shall pray,

for the welfare of its neighbor

Never expect such a thing,

A good outcome shall be underway.

Year 9

An Arab nation in Africa like Tripoli

Will undergo a painful threat

War, diseases, terrorism will appear

This will happen when great crimes are rampant.

Year 10

Seers, magicians & fortune tellers will grow in number.

Even in fashion & trends will reveal.

But in time punishment comes, magic & prediction all ineffective.

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