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Monday, September 13, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade III Year 6

Maltesian nation shall invite, and seek help from an Oriental nation.
Graced the invitation provide aid but gives certain conditions.
Though heavy and sacrificial, the former agrees and follow it.
The latter in hideous cunningly laughing

Year 7

Humble Jews and Christians shall see the prize they deserve.
Toils, hardships and deaths may come to end.
A sweet smile behind the sweat.

Year 8

A misguided masses shall see death and disappearance.
Breath is lost before the dawn’s early light
Animals will cause death by the skin, immune & respiratory system.
A child not born of a woman will die at its womb.

Year 9

Exodus of people of the Promised Land of the Orient Pear to the last two of its neighbor archipelago.
Sighs and tears are the main reason
A gentle soul will comfort and wipe tears.
Joys and bounty will return, Once proud and joust soon humble and kind.

Year 10

The four pillars of the Balkan Peninsula defend the fort of truth and justice
with its 200 plus thousand warriors.
For seven years support came from masses
Direction and strategies work in favor of them.
Joy and triumph will be at its end.
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