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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Miss Earth 2012: My Final ELITE List

Tonight, one of the 80 hopefuls will be crowned as the new Miss Earth 2012 and will succeed Olga Alava from Ecuador. Who among them will be the luckiest woman tonight? Find out LIVE from Versailles Palace, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines only through STAR World and other international broadcasters in their respective countries. For the meantime, this blog features of Miss Earth 2012 will not be complete without my own choices for the earthly crown so I made a decision and come up with my final picks of the stunning lovely natural beauties who I believe shows prowess, beauty, brilliance and wisdom. This will be the first time that I created such a list for this beauty pageant. Previously, I created my list mainly for Miss Universe and Miss USA and this time around, it will be Miss Earth's turn. It will depend on tonight's outcome if I will make future lists for this pageant. My decision was based on the ladies performance on the activities, challenges and major competitions as well as how the ladies project, behave during the competition and how images portrays them as a picture speaks a thousand words. So here it is...

Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette Favorite Choice 

Earth's Most Beautiful Enchantress
Czech Republic - Tereza Fajksova 

South Africa - Tamerin Jardine 

USA - Siria Bojorquez 

Turkey - Ilknur Melis Durasi 

I chose these magnificent four lovely and stunning women as my favorite choices for the crown as they could be an ideal ambassador for mother earth and effectively raise awareness about environmental issues and protection as they pursue their respective advocacy effectively and efficiently sharing and implementing them in the global community. They are for me an ideal example for women with a cause, care and concern for their green planet - an epitome of beauty, grace and wisdom. 

The REST to Watch Out For... They can either hit or miss the top 16 but can also be potentially be a pleasant surprise as a Top 8 or Top 4 given they have this radiant personality and make themselves a standout in tonight's finale. 

Costa Rica 
Puerto Rico 

Although I have to admit that all of them are noteworthy women of substance and accomplishments, I have all my respect and admiration for all these 80 magnificent contestants. Good luck to all of you!