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Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss Universe 2012: December Heat Wave in Las Vegas Top Picks 11 - 20

This group may pull an upset this December. Some of these countries hardly been heard before in beauty pageants but merely participants but this year they are making a strong comeback and will give a tough competition. Tanzania made a strong semifinal finish with the bald-headed Flaviana Matata in 2007. This year another bald headed coming from that country that will make a splurge in Las Vegas this December in the person of Winfrida Dominic. She is an attractive yet very charming lady who is hard to ignore whoever can see this exotic beauty. Georgia has never placed in Miss Universe but this year they fielded a very strong competitor in Tamar Shedania. Her strong presence back by her stunning personality and unquestionable skills on the runway will be her strongest asset into the competition. Israel sends another stunner this year in Miss Universe and hoping she will make an impact during the preliminary competition same with Colombia. With a strong 2nd runner up finish last year, Brazil hopes to continue its streak this year with the gorgeous Gabriela Markus with her polished and accurate perfection for the beauty pageant as her strongest advantage. Japan last placed in 2008 with Hiroko Mima. This year, exotic yet alluring Ayako Hara will try to place again for Japan in this year. Her strong appeal, classy but innovative fashion sense will give her an extra edge over the others. For winning the Photogenic Award last year to serve as an inspiration, Sweden makes a strong comeback this year with the ever seductive and luscious Hanni Beronius. Big surprises this year would be Ecuador and Lebanon. Lebanon last placed in 1973 with Marcelle Herro (+) and that was almost four decades ago. But this year I expect that Lebanon would finally end the drought for her country with the drop dead gorgeous Rina Chibany who acts, think and speak like a supermodel. Her mysterious appeal and unusually beautiful Middle Eastern aura keeps haunting and bewitching and I can't get my mind off this lady. She sure is going to make some noise in Las Vegas. Ecuador last placed in 2004 with the beautiful Susana Rivadaneira when her country hosted the beauty pageant. I believe that with the fierce Carolina Aguirre, they will not only place in their hometown but they can bring their A-Game in Las Vegas given the proper training, styling and personality towards other contestants and people around her. Venezuelan beauties is starting to falter slowly this year with Irene Isser narrowly making the cut at number 20 on my list. I think Venezuela is getting tired of beauty pageants of always winning the title and making the cut with less effort and because of sash factor and their brilliance is starting to wane. I think Venezuela is slowing down by sending average looking contestants to international competitions. Some of these ladies can join Miss Earth next time.    

11. Ecuador - Carolina Aguirre 

12. Georgia - Tamar Shedania 

13. Israel - Lina Machola 

14. Tanzania - Winfrida Dominic 

15. Brazil - Gabriela Markus 

16. Japan - Ayako Hara 

17. Colombia - Daniella Alvarez 

18. Sweden - Hanni Beronius 

19. Lebanon - Rina Chibany 

20. Venezuela - Irene Isser 

Special Mentions: Bahamas, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Uruguay