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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miss Universe 2012: December Heat Wave in Las Vegas Top Picks 1 - 10

            It's Miss Universe season once again and weeks before the competition starts we already noticed some stunners from around the globe who we expect to shine through. Although they might look appealing and fierce in the images we see, they might pale and falter as the competition progresses. After Miss Earth, the most glamorous beauty pageant of all will take place in December and is saved the best for last. We will see who among we expect to shine will ever illuminate us more brighter and cause us more glare and who among them will falter and their glow will fade. Here's what I have to say before I come up with my own pre-arrival picks for Miss Universe 2012.  
          I have been watching beauty pageants through the years and I observe how a country fared and placed in beauty pageant competitions. I observe and take note how they behave, act and speak in front of so many viewers and how they reflect on judges impression and somehow I see some pattern but I also notice that definition of essential beauty evolves and differs from each other beauty competition depending on their preferences. Some contestants from other countries make some innovations to set some trends in beauty pageants and also influencing the decision- making in international competition therefore giving them a strong chance for the crown and title while others make some noise to get the attention of the competition although some who made some noise deserving of a high placement some others were only up to the loud noise of the news it receive. Whatever it will be to get a chance for that coveted and often elusive glittering crown, the chosen one is always a stand out someone who visibly and brilliantly shining on that fateful day. 
         In my previous editions of my favorite picks for beauty pageants, I only uploaded the pictures of contestants who I think has a good chance of making at least as a semifinalist without any explanation or comments. This time around to justify my selections, I will have my comments on why I choose the following contestants who has a strong chance of making the cut and expect to shine throughout the competition.  
        Kosovo's Diana Avdiu is a total package. She is everything perfect in every sense and every word of it. The only thing that can stand in her way is her ability to communicate and express herself in front of millions of viewers around but I still believe she has a real shot at the crown this December. Melinda Bam of South Africa spells glamor and alluring sex appeal. She has the IT factor and in any of her pictures that surface she is infallible but her infallibility in images might be her fatal flaw that can cause more damage than benefit her when she finally arrive in Las Vegas because what we see in pictures might not be the same in person. She just need to be herself and enjoy the competition. Sahar Biniaz of Canada is one woman of class and sophistication and her prim and proper personality and discipline would be her advantage and could be her strongest points to the finals. Despite the fact that I still see some imperfections in her videos and pictures, hope that she learn how to maximize her full potentials and put it to good use and learn how to compliment her weakest point. Bodine Koehler is a contestant that everyone would be watching not only by her buffed and symmetrical figure and facial features but also her very impressive catwalk skills and stage presence that she perfectly compliments it with seductive sex appeal. Although pageant wise, she has the skills and talent for a beauty pageant, she still doesn't look like a beauty queen that hope it won't go against her. She is also an ideal contestant for Miss Earth because they are looking for a lady who look so stunning and exotic beauty. She could be Puerto Rico's representative to Miss Earth. Both Czech Republic and Australia have stunning delegates that can give a tough competition this December with their figure, skills and personality can give others a run for their money. Australia on the other hand, can compete in Miss Earth where she can give a tough competition with the contestants. Watch out for these girls. Elizaveta Golovanova of Russia might look good, stunning and fierce in her national pageant competition but I also observe and feel in some of her videos that she doesn't have the competitive spirit and vigor that she needs to have in other to give a solid performance in the finals. She needs to exert extra effort, give her 100% performance  and explore her assets and potentials and put it to good use and she will pull some surprise in Las Vegas. At first, I really hate and don't like Janine Tugonon when she won Binibining Pilipinas Universe representing Bataan and will represent the Philippines in Miss Universe. However, months prior to the competition in Las Vegas, she improved tremendously and seen major transformation from this plain jane into a stunning exotic looking woman that can also pull some surprises in Las Vegas. She trains hard, work out in the gym faithfully and exercise extreme discipline and diet. I would've exclude her in this list intentionally but its really hard to ignore a woman this gorgeous. Marie Payet which originally from Reunion, is just 2nd runner up in Miss France but when the original winner, Delphine Wespiser could not attend both the Miss Universe and Miss France 2012 for undisclosed reason, Marie Payet assumed the title. It happens to be that the replacement is also a gorgeous stunning woman of elegance, poise and natural beauty without any enhancements and also her shining personality can really give her a high chance of making it as a semifinalist and can even be a finalist answering that make or break final question. Since she has a natural beauty, she can also represent Reunion Island in Miss Earth beauty pageant next time because this is what they are looking for. Miss Universe will never be good without the presence of the hometown girl, Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island. She has this awesome interesting personality that can be friendly and warm and make friends with lots of ladies in the competition (not unless she is the exact opposite) combined with her impressive presentation and communication skills will really give her a slot in the finals. The only thing that can hurt her chance making it at least in the top 10 is her height. Rest assured this girl will surely rock Las Vegas and show some girls some hot stuffs in the competition.  
         Heat Wave list number 11 - 20 follows next and read what I have to say about these stunning, lovely ladies that can outbeat and outrank contestants in my top 10.


1. Kosovo - Diana Avdiu 

2. South Africa - Melinda Bam 

3. Canada - Sahar Biniaz 

4. Puerto Rico - Bodine Koehler 

5. Czech Republic - Tereza Chlebovska 

6. Australia - Renae Ayris 

7. Russia - Elizaveta Golovanova 

8. Philippines - Janine Tugonon 

9. France - Marie Payet 

10. USA - Olivia Culpo