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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Most Captivating Instagram Images Of Every Philippine Provinces Part 7

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, literally has 7,106 islands and 7,106 beautiful reasons to greet and welcome everyone. One can describe the country in countless of ways but these stunning visuals will convince anyone to start making their bucket lists and head their way to the following destinations.

Much has been said of other countries most especially the most popular tourist destinations in Asia like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea but only a few heard of the priceless and timeless beauty of the Philippines which was also one of the less promoted destinations around the world.

A lot of people are saying that the country is always marred by violence, terrorism, crimes, rampant corruption and gives them the impression that the country is dirty and untidy, very hot and humid with lots of social, political and environmental problems as sensationalized and exaggerated by the news let alone few campaigns and marketing discouraging the tourist arrivals although what is really within the country belies all of those and quite the exact opposite for the most part.

These 81 provinces of this country proves to anyone that this country is really an underrated gem of the Orient.

These pictures taken by Instagram users both amateurs and professionals best represent each of the 81 provinces of the Philippines. To view the rest of their photos, you can click their highlighted Instagram accounts and for additional info and details. Get ready to pack your bag as we show you a series of images from broad north to the deep south and from the vastness of the Pacific coasts to the magnificent side on the west.

This is the seventh part of eight series.


The milkfish capital of the nations which harvest the most milkfish show us there are more places to see than their tasty food.

This photo alone of @lene_aycardo and here family in front of Our Lady of Manoag shows the deep connection of the people to God and their strong faith also roots from their strong foundation and loyalty to their amazing province.

Just like @careless_artist who counts the correct number of islets the Hundred Islands has. It also gives us more than hundred reasons to love Pangasinan.


The poetic province has lots of tales and sweeping beauty to tell. @dyuntats fell under the spell of this bewildering Balagbag Falls in Real town promises to have an endless of jaw dropping gift of nature in this Southern Luzon province. 

The festive mood of this colorful province literally captured by @diazkaye shows how her people fully adorned their houses with ornaments coming from their farm produce or fresh harvest like rice, crops, vegetables, fruits and a lot of others for their Pahiyas Festival as a way of their gratitude of bounty harvest to their patron saint, Isidore the Laborer also known as Isidore the Farmer.


Don't undermine the natural wonders of this peaceful province as they have something to boast and show to anyone.

@igerscagayanvalley is the official Instagram community of Cagayan Valley region with its collection of 269 images and counting from both guests and residents. The site successfully capture the different sides of that region and from its every corner from roads to trails and even houses such as this one by @phfirstofficial photo of Pensal Falls in Aglipay telling us this province is alive and kicking but most of all fun.

The rolling hills could easily pass as the location for different romantic scenes in both film and television telling us how romantic and lovely Quirino is which captured the heart of the romantic lensman @nathaniel0603


Another beautiful province in the Southern Tagalog region is this charming Rizal. It is so lovely there that real properties are emerging there so fast.

The province is so interesting so much fun that @dongtheexplorer enjoys the quirky side of Rizal by watching these giant paper mache of Higantes Festival held annually in the town of Angono.

An adventure seeker himself, @hamelcarnoleal took this photo of Montalban gorge and Wawa River for the edgy and sharp depiction of Rizal province full of surprises.


Just the on the other side and the alter ego of the famed beach party Boracay Island is this tranquil island province.

For @enaysiey, trekking the Mount Guiting Guiting Natural Park in Sibuyan Island is like scaling the depths of this province. 

@prakash.choudhury probably prefers a quiet island life than its noisy other side that he wants to show this Tablas Island in this province for his family and friends.


This sweeping province of brave and resilient people has been nurtured by its astounding nature that even the nature lover @earth_mae has been swept off by her feet and took a picture of herself in front of Bangon-Bugtong Falls in Calbayog City. 

If jaw drop is not enough then how about mind blowing photos of @matpacayra showcased on the 85 images of places he visited and this Lulugayan Falls in Calbiga can live up to that description and may well represent the ravishing Samar.


It's more fun in the Philippines and they literally mean it in this province as shown by this photo of @tushinka_tan enjoying herself the paragliding while breathing in the fresh air coming from the breeze of the Saranggani Bay

This southern Mindanao province gained our hearts and attention in this lush coast on the Sunshine Boulevard in Glan and @markxistmark showed us the province we thought it never exists in this nation.


Known as Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire in English) in the old times, this is a mysterious province that belies its undisturbed calm beauty. While it's evidently breath taking, the island when the sun set and engulf it in darkness there comes the shady undertones of the island comes alive. Locals still practice black magic and witchcraft in the island as creepy as it is haunting. No worries though they are harmless unless provoked. 

Thanks to @akingcimafranca for this photo of anito gift items and voodoo dolls replica of what they natives of this province are still using up to this day.

To dispel the notion of taboo practices, @lablee19 who gave us this picturesque image of St. Francis of Assisi Church shows us the faithful, pious side of Siquijor.


This province is home to the best location for whale shark watching and encounter and the powerful and active Mount Bulusan volcano.

A wonderful treat of @intrimetida takes us closer to the depths of this province by this beautiful encounter of whale sharks in the coastal town of Donsol. 

@nilbertlamata on the other hand relaxes with his family on the cooler side of the province in Subic Island in Matnog

South Cotabato

The home of the T'boli ethnic groups and several other ethnic minorities of this nation is also home to some of this nation's most beautiful landscape. This photo of Lake Holon in T'boli by @karomero showed us the vast expanse of this broad province of highs and lows. 

This province pride of Lake Sebu as perfectly captured by @theamaetan showed us a different dimension not just of this province or particular region but also a different perspective of this nation.

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