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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Most Captivating Instagram Images Of Every Philippine Provinces Part 5

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, literally has 7,106 islands and 7,106 beautiful reasons to greet and welcome everyone. One can describe the country in countless of ways but these stunning visuals will convince anyone to start making their bucket lists and head their way to the following destinations.

Much has been said of other countries most especially the most popular tourist destinations in Asia like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea but only a few heard of the priceless and timeless beauty of the Philippines which was also one of the less promoted destinations around the world.

A lot of people are saying that the country is always marred by violence, terrorism, crimes, rampant corruption and gives them the impression that the country is dirty and untidy, very hot and humid with lots of social, political and environmental problems as sensationalized and exaggerated by the news let alone few campaigns and marketing discouraging the tourist arrivals although what is really within the country belies all of those and quite the exact opposite for the most part.

These 81 provinces of this country proves to anyone that this country is really an underrated gem of the Orient.

These pictures taken by Instagram users both amateurs and professionals best represent each of the 81 provinces of the Philippines. To view the rest of their photos, you can click their highlighted Instagram accounts and for additional info and details. Get ready to pack your bag as we show you a series of images from broad north to the deep south and from the vastness of the Pacific coasts to the magnificent side on the west.

This is the fifth part of eight series.

La Union

@sansapinas is another collection of beautiful places in the Philippines coming from various IG users with 68 images so far and this beautiful photo by @tessa0503 of Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel gives us striking colors of ideas of what La Union has to offer 

These stone peebles captured by @haz_kilua along the shores of Nagrebcan in Luna is a sneak peak of the poetic coastlines of this western Luzon province.


This amazing province gives us another option for Pagsanjan Falls and these are Hulugan and Aliw Falls taken by @rainydhei leaving us with an impression of Laguna that is beautiful and ravaging. 

Camper @ezeckiels_eyes took us for ride to this idyllic sculptors town of Liliw carving out a picture of epic proportions with the church against the backdrop of the legendary Mount Makiling

Lanao del Norte

This beautiful pink church of St. Michael in Iligan City upon one of @thevoyager7482 visits prove to us the diversity of background not only in Lanao but the whole of Mindanao like ethnicity, cultures, food and religion. 

Another face of this province has been unraveled to us by @walkingdiaries by the eccentric display of cascades of the Mimbalot Falls in Iligan City.

Lanao del Sur

The intricate details of this elaborately decorated mosque in Lanao del Sur tells us the rich and colorful lifestyle and culture in @hash_abdulmalic09 native province. 

Another hint to the lifestyle and culture of this region is this intricately and artfully created Torogan house of the Maranaos called Bubong Kawayan in Marantao and @patvlee made sure the world has to see this on Instagram.


Despite severely affected by one of the strongest storms on record, this province has a lot of other amazing reasons why you should see it as this Kalanggaman Island in Palompon showed to us by @sweetcrazymlene on Instagram. 

@robertxxi deeply connects us to this inviting province by way of their San Juanico bridge, Southeast Asia's longest bridge connecting the province to Samar.


A photo by @visitpilipinas of Masjid Dimaukom Pink Mosque in Datu Saudi Ampatuan shows us the bright side of this province. 

Another colorful mosque of awe inspiring beauty is the Blue mosque of Parang as proudly showcased on Instagram by @pinasmuna as we are deeply immersed into this faithful but wealthy province.


Even inclement weather can shape the natural identity of a place such as this stunning capture of a bay in Marinduque on a visit by @robinkuijs

The province also entice everyone with one of its beautiful sunset bursting with different hues and texture and the official account of Marinduque Tourism Board @marinduque.ph left us wanting for more.


One of @phfirstofficial several images is this picturesque image of the Marlboro country province of Masbate with its wilderness full of rolling hills, lush pastures and rushing cattles pictures a province full of life and adventure. An annual province wide fairs and festival is perfect for cowboy enthusiasts. 

@kpaula_amador soak her feet to show the beautiful underwater off the coast of Burias Island in stark contrast to the wild adventures of the countryside.

Misamis Occidental

If not for this photo of @sweetziang we will never know a Dolphin Island in Misamis Occidental exists. People swimming have close encounter with these adorable, playful and sociable flippers. 

This intricate painting on the ceiling of a church in Jimenez town looks like a tapestry perfectly captured by @pinoyhistorian telling us there's a lot of history and colorful arts in this province.

Misamis Oriental

@lovethur2 invites everyone most especially the faithful to his native province and be amused by this spectacular Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City proving us the strong faith and indomitable spirit of the captivating Misamis Oriental. 

Boredom is not a thing in this province as @jersominous_rex is enjoying the wild river rafting in Cagayan de Oro City.
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