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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Most Captivating Instagram Images Of Every Philippine Provinces Part 4

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, literally has 7,106 islands and 7,106 beautiful reasons to greet and welcome everyone. One can describe the country in countless of ways but these stunning visuals will convince anyone to start making their bucket lists and head their way to the following destinations.

Much has been said of other countries most especially the most popular tourist destinations in Asia like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea but only a few heard of the priceless and timeless beauty of the Philippines which was also one of the less promoted destinations around the world.

A lot of people are saying that the country is always marred by violence, terrorism, crimes, rampant corruption and gives them the impression that the country is dirty and untidy, very hot and humid with lots of social, political and environmental problems as sensationalized and exaggerated by the news let alone few campaigns and marketing discouraging the tourist arrivals although what is really within the country belies all of those and quite the exact opposite for the most part.

These 81 provinces of this country proves to anyone that this country is really an underrated gem of the Orient.

These pictures taken by Instagram users both amateurs and professionals best represent each of the 81 provinces of the Philippines. To view the rest of their photos, you can click their highlighted Instagram accounts and for additional info and details. Get ready to pack your bag as we show you a series of images from broad north to the deep south and from the vastness of the Pacific coasts to the magnificent side on the west.

This is the fourth part of eight series.

Davao Oriental

@recklessronz took a picture of himself beside the ravaging cascades of the Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel - powerful force of nature captured gracefully. 

@purpledora showed us a different face of Davao Oriental we aren't fully aware of by taking us to the floating village of Mati.

Dinagat Islands

The less traveled island province is wonderfully showcased in this Instagram worthy photo of Sondayo beach by @jepepilapil

PBMA shrine in San Jose taken by @eybeewanderlust is showing the way for the people to be grateful for God and to show kindness and generosity to everyone.

Eastern Samar

Eastern Samar has a beauty swept by the vast unpredictable Pacific Ocean proven by this picture of @rjlorico of Linao Cave in Sulangan, Guiuan. 

As previously said earlier the unpredictable mood swept the beautiful province perfectly captured by one of its proud native @aiairizsa of this ravaging waves at Calicoan Island, Guiuan.


This beautiful gem island province lying southeast of Iloilo and the rest of Panay Island has lots to boast off with its natural charm and its world's sweetest mangoes anyone will be captivated by its gentle coastline. 

This beautiful century-old Lopez mansion in Roca Encantada or enchanted rock taken by @cez8 has charmed a lot of visitors for a century already. Though it has been renovated several times, it keeps its natural charm from afar. 

Another splendid reason why anyone should be swooned by this island province is this photo by @harirayapikyu while having an amazing vacation here.


@pinoytravelfreak has been capturing the best and finest of this country in his more than 600 images as of the moment and his canvass perfect shot of the beautiful rows of rice terraces of Batad really seal the trademark of Ifugao. 

The native huts of the Ifugaos taken by @jannmarwinliwag made sure you will feel at home at the exotic tropics with cool climate up this northern high altitude province.

Ilocos Norte

Ilocandia known for its well preserved colonial houses and street, food, surfing beaches, pottery and thrifty hardworking people. 

One of the beautiful traces of the rich past was well documented by the lenses of @leegranemusic of this wonderful Paoay church well reminded us of the well preserved heritage of the northeastern province of Ilocos Norte. 

There is something more fun beyond the well-preserved heritage towns of Ilocos Norte as justified by @meldyborg while enjoying the sand dunes.

Ilocos Sur

Like its twin province Ilocos Sur also never fails to impress us with its stunning Spanish era towns like this in Calle Crisologo during one of @sheila_borres night outings of her beloved Vigan. 

Ilocandia will never be complete without @lengjp introducing us to the industry Ilocos Sur known for - pottery.


This once flourishing province in Panay Island during the colonial period is slowly gaining back its old glory. 

@geplilo is a collection of all things Iloilo: history, fun and food and this popular, exotic, tribal mardi gras Dinagyang Festival photo gives us the festive mood of what this celebrated province truly is. 

The pristine beauty of the famed Cabugao Gamay in Isla de Gigantes showed to us by @anthonymangabat give us reason why we should love Iloilo.


@igersisabela is a collection of many beautiful things about Isabela from a variety of sources and this photo by @rickydayto showing us the rice granary of the north is celebrated annually in the town of Jones by their Pinilisa Festival. 

Spanish architecture is very prominent in the country as one of their enduring legacy and thanks to @hoovs07 for having this photo of their beautiful San Pablo church giving us also an imprint of the idyllic Isabela.


Apo Whang-Od, the last woman Tatoo artist of Kalinga is shown here doing the ancient Kalinga method of tattooing to @ayinaantok

By showing us the Kalinga native homes, @joeljapay give us the ambiance of a truly peaceful yet serenely beautiful province. 

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