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Friday, December 4, 2015

Most Captivating Instagram Images Of Every Philippine Provinces Part 6

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, literally has 7,106 islands and 7,106 beautiful reasons to greet and welcome everyone. One can describe the country in countless of ways but these stunning visuals will convince anyone to start making their bucket lists and head their way to the following destinations.

Much has been said of other countries most especially the most popular tourist destinations in Asia like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea but only a few heard of the priceless and timeless beauty of the Philippines which was also one of the less promoted destinations around the world.

A lot of people are saying that the country is always marred by violence, terrorism, crimes, rampant corruption and gives them the impression that the country is dirty and untidy, very hot and humid with lots of social, political and environmental problems as sensationalized and exaggerated by the news let alone few campaigns and marketing discouraging the tourist arrivals although what is really within the country belies all of those and quite the exact opposite for the most part.

These 81 provinces of this country proves to anyone that this country is really an underrated gem of the Orient.

These pictures taken by Instagram users both amateurs and professionals best represent each of the 81 provinces of the Philippines. To view the rest of their photos, you can click their highlighted Instagram accounts and for additional info and details. Get ready to pack your bag as we show you a series of images from broad north to the deep south and from the vastness of the Pacific coasts to the magnificent side on the west.

This is the sixth part of eight series.

Mountain Province

The province up north has some of the most interesting history as their ancestors has been rooming this nation for more than a thousand of years already evolving and creating their own culture and system of beliefs including mummification of the dead. 

It is perfectly showed in this picture the kind of ancient practice of burial of Bontoc that they still practice up to this day is this picture of @gibberish.jan of the hanging coffins of Sagada. The position of their coffins tells their status in life - the higher their positions among other coffins the more important, dignified the dead. It is believed that the souls of their departed loved ones would easily reach heaven if they hang their coffins like this. 

Sighting this magnificent Bumod-Ok Falls in Sagada captured by @jerrietelva would easily forget the creepy story of the mountains.

 Negros Occidental

The sugar capital of the country, Negros Occidental has a lot of sweetness, color and beauty to show us about the province. 

This elaborately decorated mask and head dress which got the attention of @time_sayson is just one of the competing entries in the mask making contest of the Masskara Festival in his native Bacolod City. 

@indianojules took a shot of this popular ruins of a once grand mansion in Talisay town makes you more curious about this intriguing province.

Negros Oriental

Home to the first Protestant American university, this picturesque province has the ideal balmy climate, affordable cost of living, and magnificent natural beauty to attract expats to stay here. 

This simple chapel in Bais City taken by @enennavarro gives us a hint to a kind of lifestyle and landscape they have on her dreamy province. 

@camilalhui brings us to the exciting coastlines of this province by taking us to Manjuyod and wants us to feel its white sand bar.

Northern Samar

@jrlomugdang was so enamored by this province and took awhile to visit these jaw dropping rock formations of Biri leaving us the impression of a rock and solid province amidst the mad ravaging giant waves of the Pacific Ocean. 

Northern Samar retains its old charm in this photo by @don_edwardo of the century-old Capul Island Lighthouse

Nueva Ecija

The rice granary of the country has large and wide fields of charm to boost and entice anyone. 

One will be in awe not just by the beautiful people of this province but also by its natural gift like this photo by @efrenreyesph of the floating cottages plying the Minalungao National Park.

The array of playful colors mixed up gave life to this field but as well as the life in @rosemarie.pica's hometown

Nueva Vizcaya

@cap10weevil took this shot of the beautiful cathedral of St. Dominic in Bayombong to prove us this is not a sleepy province. 

The splendid Imugan Falls of Santa Fe has left an impression to @visitpilipinas that the province is bursting with explosion of wild nature and majestic landscape

Occidental Mindoro

The province is home to endemic species such as wild tamaraw and Mindoro deer proving that it is blessed with jaw dropping vistas as this sunset photo of Apo Reef Island in Sablayan by @vinvoyage leaving us a footprint of this gifted province that will permanently etched forever. Apo Reef in Occidental Mindoro is world's second largest contiguous coral reef system. Closest thing to visiting Great Barrier Reef. 

Another postcard perfect photo by @visitpilipinas of this Cabra Island Lighthouse in Lubang. Cabra Island is the hometown of a teenage girl between 1966 - 1967 who was said to have done miracles was the inspiration for the 1982 film Himala.

Oriental Mindoro

The colorful pageantry and festivity of Mindoro can be reflected in their religious practices like this giant mask which @tomtorrente took with himself competing for the mask contest of the Moriones Festival, a pageantry during the holy week which mask wearing men with different facial expressions resembling the centurions and re-enacting the story of Saint Longinus, a Roman centurion who was blind in one eye and after receiving a miracle was converted to Christianity. 

The best alternative to the crowded Boracay Island is another beach party Puerto Galera and @tony3891shih showed us another pride of the island fun - the Verde Island.


Probably the most beautiful province in the Philippines, Palawan is touted as the last frontier of the nation with its stunning pristine landscape, rugged mountainous coastlines, immaculately clean ocean and diverse wildlife and rich marine life. Proof was this photo by @vijayverghese of the El Nido Resorts on one of his vacation on the island. 

The kind of people and how they value and respect nature is wonderfully showcased by this impression of @photogeographer of the Kayangan Lake, one of the cleanest lake in the world.


Happiness is an understatement in this province home to the giant Christmas lanterns as perfectly shot by @rraye26 to showcase the Christmas capital of his native Pampanga. 

This province really never runs out of fun literally by having this photo by @didocamara of the annual Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. A lot of hot air balloon hobbyist coming from different parts of the world participates for this event every year and in recent years, there are lots of interesting shapes for their balloons are featured like houses, animals and cartoon characters.
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