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Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Favorite American Idol Alums

Are you the next American Idol? is a catchphrase from one of today's most successful reality-based singing competition that had huge following from the northwest of Europe down south to Australia ad from every edges and corners of the globe. It's a huge hit among people regardless of age group, gender and status due to its heightened drama on every twist and turn on or before the competition. They cheer on every blow and celebrate on every victory. Nothing is more vindicating than the uphill climb story of its competitor that makes American Idol all the more watching and inviting people from all walks of life across the globe. Week after week dramatic upsets and surprising results stunned the audience leaving them breathless or heartbroken. The culmination of the competition for every season is a penultimate event anticipated by die hard American Idol fans. The winner is unpredictable and almost always a shocker to everyone - a life changing and history making event by breaking some records and making a reputation. They may either bring fame or controversy to the show. Recently, Paula Abdul, one of the American Idol resident judges formally announces her resignation from the show due to irreconcilable altercation or differences with the management or with fellow judges.

Tragedy also struck the Idols in the case of Jennifer Hudson's family murder and the death of David Cook's elder brother due to brain cancer were gloomy period for the Idols. But Idol is not only all tears and sobs. One reason why people are hooked up to the Idols is that the show is injected with humor, intrigue and other spices during the audition. People do anything just to get the attention of the judges and qualify as an Idol, as their biggest reward. They even make superficial claims to the point of annoyance and disgust to anybody else like having an intimate relationship with one of the judges.

Aside from the murky and most often ludicrous part, the Idol also gives opportunity to some not-so-fortunate individuals who auditioned to shine and make it big on the limelight like William Hung and Reynaldo Lapus, both of which are of Asian-American heritage, due to their slapstick and off key singing make it big and who, for quite sometime, captured the hearts and minds of the viewers due to their positive outlook and sunny personality.

If Idols can give opportunities, they can give fame to their alums. Jennifer Hudson earned a nod as a Best Actress in supporting role at the Oscars in 2007. Chart- topping hit albums and singles of Idol alums Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee, David Cook, David Archuleta, Elliott Yamin and others prove that Idol is a twister phenomenon that lure people to its magic and powerful show.

American Idol is not all about fame, glamour and honor but also it champions their causes. Every season has its own Idol gives back wherein it is a benefit show for the underprivileged and the lowly people of Africa and of people suffering from different afflictions.

For the big picture, American Idol is a symbol for America and its people - how can a singing competition draw so many people and transform lives in a link of an eye, reflects how people brave the odds, face the challenges that results to tremendous positive outcome , how they unite, struggle together and enrich and empower their lives together is what makes them a strong nation with strong people.

Here's my list of Idol alums whom I find noteworthy and gives American Idol a good name:

David Cook - this charming rock star who came from a humble family propelled to stardom only by serendipity. Originally he only accompany and support his younger brother who is the one auditioning for the Idols yet David Cook was the one noticed by the judges and so the rest is history. Struck by the loss of his elder brother due to brain cancer, he is been tested by times and proven unstoppable hits after hits after winning the Idol's season 7 competition

David Archuleta - this handsome young man from Utah was touted to be the American Idol in season 7 because he is a consistent favorite among the audience because of his soulful rendition of several masterpieces. A runner-up to David Cook, he never fail to give astounding performance using his unique style and flair to a song that attract viewers. He risks a personal style approach to a song perfected by its original singer yet came out with a very original score. Due to his charming personality and sunny disposition, an added accessory to his youthful looks and powerful voice, he attracted admirers and followers that attributed to his phenomenal success until these days!

Adam Lambert - this iconic and symbol for today's pop culture is a hit among viewers most especially among the gays when he officially announced he is gay. His emo style looks transpire most with the younger audience. His musical influence and inclinations proves that he can handle the microphone on any side of the curtain. During the competition sporting a comb over hairstyle and ballad voice as a crooner really fits his bill. He maybe gay but his voice is masculine. He is a runner up to Kris Allen of Idol's season 8.

Kris Allen - the winner of American Idol season 8 from Arkansas. He is a church choir member and a humble servant that triumph over his fellow Idols with his angelic voice.

Jordin Sparks - since winning season 6 of American Idol, her prowess as a soul singer is unstoppable. She became the pop music next darling for her instant hits as "Tatoo" ,"No Air" and "One Step At A Time" .She has a powerful voice that uplifts the lowly in spirits. Her wits and charms will keep her at the peak of her stardom and her music timeless.

Blake Lewis - a runner up to Jordin Sparks in season 6, this garish looking pop rock Idol alum is a promising artist and will be an instant hit given the chance, timing and right song that he will hit the notes, strum the guitar and swoon us by his populkar melodies.

Melinda Doolittle – though she eventually ended up third to Jordin Sparks, this young woman from Brenstville, Tennessee attracted followers and fans when she compete in season 6 of the American Idol. She has this very cool voice for jazz and vibrant enough to grace special events with her endearing demeanor.

Taylor Hicks – a dramatic come from behind victory shocked the audience when he got the nod of the judges in the season 5 of the Idols. This crooner from Montgomery, Alabama won the hearts of the judges and wins over the much appealing Katherine McPhee of California and never failed to impress with his ballads and soulful renditions of classic hit songs. He proves to everybody that age is not a barrier if you are not out of sync and still hit the notes. Anyway he is the oldest American Idol Alums when he competed in the 2006 at the age of 29.

Katherine McPhee – Who can forget this gorgeous beauty of the talented season 5 of American Idol? Even if she ended up as a runner up to Taylor Hicks, she wowed her audience, admirers and followers with her irresistible charm, sunny personality and heartwarming rendition of the hits “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Someone To Watch Over Me”, “The Voice Within”, “I Believe I Can Fly” among others. After the Idols, she went on to dominate the billboards and radio station with her hits “Over It” topping the charts for several weeks. It is a sweet vindication for this very promising young diva.

Chris Daughtry – he is the most successful alums among the season 5 finalists. He had proven that trying your luck is worth it and just being qualified as a finalist will open up windows of opportunity for aspiring but very promising talents, victors are not necessarily winners but those who strive hard and struggle to reach for their dreams, fulfilling it and be successful. This he proves when he ended up fourth and after the season has ended, he went on to dominate the airwaves with his chart topping hits such as “Home”, “Over You”, “It’s Not Over” and several awards and recognitions followed thereafter. He became an instant hit in the international music scene with his label and pop rock music.
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