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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weird Goods and Services Sold At eBay

For a my few months stay and work as a customer service representative for eBay USA never would I imagine that I could encounter such goods and services being sold by Americans online that they were so gross, weird and horrible and I could think it is out of desperation? Gosh... are they really starving and begging for a penny that otherwise we think, powerful and rich? I encountered some of the following items as I work as community watchdog for violators and those law abiding eBayers:

Paris Hilton tears
- at the time Paris was controversial for DUI. Driving under the Influence and was brought for trial. The most controversial thing is when she cried at the court room. I cant imagine someone is catching tear drops of this woman with a bottle in the court room.. plain hilarity over the unfated life's twist and turn of this heiress.

soul - i encounter a few people selling their soul when they die. Common sense, how can you earn money when you die and how can you feel your earning when you're already a ghost?

stinky socks
- someone sold a stinky socks that even a rat could not even bear to stay close to. His purpose is that the sock is a repellant for all insects and disturbing rodents and unwelcome guests or visitors towards your house.. How desperate and how insane?
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