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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How To Open Your Third Eye

This is one way of opening your third eye. I got this from one of the online forums which I'm a member before. If your curiosity grows and won't make you at peace with your senses and brave enough to be haunted by the ghosts then be ready to expose your sixth sense and see dead people.

Anywhere you go there is a mushi (also known as "ghost" ). go in front of a mirror. Turn off all the lights except a candle in your place so that you can still see yourself. Then close your eyes and put your hands on the mirror and be sure that your entire hands feel the mirror. Then listen carefully to the sound at your back. After 5-7 minutes, someone will whisper your name. After hearing your name, whisper back so-u-nen-ba-ti, 5 times. After that you can slowly open your eyes but make sure before you whisper so-u-nen-ba-ti, you already hear someone whispering some ghostly sound. After you open your eyes the ghost should be at your left shoulder, looking at you intently and is white skinned. If what you see is a black skinned mushi watching over your right shoulder.. be ready.. It won't harm you but be ready to be haunted. You can't sleep :) because you will be frequented by the mushi.. 100% effective. If you see a black mushi, it means your sixth sense or third eye is now open and you will always see the mushi.