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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Luzon, Philippines Trauma Over Storms and Flooding

The morning of September 27 wakes the people of Luzon provinces & cities in northern Philippines to a terrifying overflow of floodwater & mud due to a heavy storm that ravages the entirety of the islands. The locally named tropical storm "Ondoy" brings a torrential amount of rain andstrong windlashes all places it passes through left several dead bodies and close to a million families affected. What's painful is that a week after a storm left the country and the people has not fully recovered, another strong storm is impending to landfall and may directly hit populated places. Fortunately, the storm changes direction northward to Japan asit gathers strength however, due to its enormous power it pulls back to the country the storm that had left the country causing a worse deluge. Two weeks after the storm left, flood waters has not fully drained and stranded in several provinces and much more, dam overflowing caused some areas to have gauged a high water level and people are no longer safe to live in these areas. Another strong enraging storm is constantly moving in northwest direction towards the Philippines which will cause a mass hysteria due to the trauma brought by the previous storms. This is the first time for Luzon to experience such pandemonium that it caused widespread catastrophe that will take years to recover. The only consolation for this is the unwavering support and an unending downpour of help from the government, private sector, companies & corporations, media outfits, international organizations and even global community extended to the affected families and also their houses and infrastructure that still stands are strong enough to last and endure the test of nature and still inhabitable. Its not that difficult for them to recover fast from the natural phenomenon because of the shining example of unity and solidarity.

This disaster serves us a reminder thatwe should take seriously the reforestation of our mountains that shields us from the tumultous, massive flooding and also alter the adverse effect of global warming. Global warming is to be blamed for the unusual increasing volume of precipitation or rainfall during the rainy season and the worse droughts and intense heat during summer. The country is still ill-prepared for natural phenomenon with laxes in preparations and contingency plans, lack of several facilities & equipment and lack of support and help for Visayas and Mindanao alone when calamities hit these areas. Do we need to sacrifice lives in these places to awaken their senses? When will we have the will to act and do the necessary when it is happening? Lucky Luzon they have all the support and help needed but poor and hapless Mindanao, due to lack of exposure in the news, will be taken for granted and take years for help to come. In these trying times, we should join hands in facing the anger of nature because it is our fault, we never learned, otherwise, it could not be that worse. This is to call the attention ofall that amidst the tragedy, it left us with a big lesson and reminder and its up to us to learn and do the task or play deaf and just ignore.
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