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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beauty Pageant's Question and Suggested Answer

Question: Legislation banning certain kinds of religious clothing has caused controversy around the world, what role should a government play in determining on such a personal preference?

(Question asked by MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall to Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe 2010 2nd runner up)

Suggested Answer: Religion to which people are worshipping with reverence, can often be the norm which determine how people will behave or act. On other hand, governments are established for the land or state to maintain progress, peace and order and legislation or laws are created to guide them. Government should always uphold the truth, and always serve for the common good and interest for people. Furthermore, government should be fair and just to its people and should respect their adherence to their faith and some certain beliefs not extreme enough to have adverse effect or impact. Personal choice or preference is a basic human rights that every government should respect and lived by for as long as it does not misrepresent, abuse or negate some certain laws. Government should check, review, scrutinize and revise every legislation they want to pass and implement making sure that it is for the common good and interest, fair and just with respect to human rights, dignity and reputation.