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Friday, November 26, 2010

Queen Elizabeth II Finally Is Now On Facebook, Yay!

             What better way to reach out to people making sure they are updated and well-informed about the government’s programs, activities and other announcements and aware of what is happening around the nation. I know the Queen has a better idea.
           It is by using the most powerful reliable medium available used by most people today in connecting with family, friends and acquaintances – social networking. And what is the most popular social networking site with a membership of more than half a billion? Facebook – yes, Facebook and the Queen made the right connection with Facebook.
          United Kingdom’s British Monarchy is the latest addition to the growing family of the most popular social networking site today that it has become a pop culture icon. It has been decided y the Royal Crown to set up a Facebook account to reach out to its people and make the British Monarchy accessible to masses. It is a smart move of the Royal Crown to effectively address its citizen’s concerns. When it comes to transparency, people can voice out their concerns, sentiments, opinions to the Royal Family so it may become more humane and kind. Furthermore, people of different nationalities may have a view and keep informed about the Queen and the Royal Family where it has been very elusive to the public eye.
           I have added the British Monarchy page to one of my likes and interests so I can keep in touch with the British monarch and if lucky enough, it will be an honor and privilege for me to work in the royal palace. I am excited to see Queen Elizabeth mingling with people through Facebook. I know Mark Zuckerberg is elated and honored to have the Queen graced his social networking site but I don’t think he is reading my blog though I want to work for him as well.
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