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Friday, November 26, 2010

Justin Bieber Mania

         Anywhere in the world you can see children and adults singing to the hit songs of Justin Bieber. Some imitate not just his voice but his looks, ways, acts and lifestyle. His official music videos that can be watched in YouTube has been viewed a hundred million times – a feat that any other music videos has yet to surpass. Aside from his music videos, there are zillions of other videos made by his fans as a tribute or plea to him. It can be music videos, dance videos, impersonation, comic acts or pleas or petition of diehard fans who found infatuation in this young emo sporting Canadian, a talent discovered by RnB artist Usher through watching his videos in YouTube and the rest is history making his way into the limelight of show business and entertainment. Justin Bieber mania has taken the scene.
         Justin Bieber is considered pop culture icon. He defined the popular culture of today’s generation hitting the scene like a heatwave. His good looks make up for his horrible voice that is why he is well loved by teen girls all over the world influencing and infecting like a virus other age groups like children, young adults and elders. Many teen girls and gays all over the world are dying to see him, crying to just meet him and/or take him for a date.
        His gentle and tame presence belies what is lurking behind. What or how accommodating and desirable the Justin Bieber he shows in public is how he is exactly the opposite off camera and out of the limelight. The real Justin Bieber is arrogant, egocentric young man who never cares about others but himself. Someone made some pleas and petition in his twitter account asking for his help, but he took them for granted and brush them aside with cold shoulders. He becomes a big-headed rascal and his brain was toxicated and poisoned by fame . He doesn’t care about people anymore but just talk and mingle with other celebrities. He is proud, boastful and doesn’t keep his feet on the ground.
        That’s what fame will bring out someone. Fame may be generous enough but it will also take its toll by bringing out what is best or what is worse about a person. Fame is very volatile – it is here now and gone tomorrow. Justin Bieber is very young, very fresh and youthful and has a childish voice today but years from now, he will grow old and mature looking and his voice will become hoarse thus, fans will be done with him. Don’t let fame ruin you and make you a monster. Instead use fame to be an inspiration to others and leave a lasting legacy.
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