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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beauty Pageants Questions

         Miss Universe, the most prestigious and glamorous beauty pageant on Earth, has been part already of our culture. It is customarily for us to tune in and watch as more than 80 of the most beautiful woman of the planet vie for one chance, one opportunity of a lifetime for that coveted title as the most beautiful woman of the universe. No matter how difficult to choose among them because they are all equally stunning in one way or the other however there is only one winner to be chosen who could deliver the best. After the intense selection of the semifinalist, cut one after another is taking place on the finals night as they compete for categories such as swimsuit and evening gown and the top finishers will go to the next round. On the final round, the most excruciating and nerve wracking part of the competition as well as the most watched part is answering that final question. The final question sometimes tackle different issues affecting the world but sometimes amuses and surprises not only the finalist delegates who are required to answer but also the spectators who are avid fan or beauty watchers. This is the most desirable way of calibrating and choosing the well fated lady who is destined for the crown and title.
         On the other hand, Miss Earth the second most prestigious and glamorous beauty pageant on Earth has a different approach of unraveling the wisdom, opinions and sensibility of the ladies on different timely global environmental issues affecting our mother Earth today. Each of the top eight ladies shall be seeing images or they will be watching video clips of various environmental issues around the world and after that they will respond or give statements to what they have seen or watched. In this case, people will know how aware and skillful they are in resolving these issues because this is the main factor of an effective ambassador of goodwill for the environment.
         However, sometimes the watchers are not satisfied and happy by the ladies response on the question based on its substance, content, delivery and quality of the message which effectively resonate them. So sometimes after the question has been answered by the ladies or after the pageant itself, some beauty lovers, fans and pundits come up with suggested response, advice and opinions on what had transpired. It has become a fun way of dealing with that part of beauty pageant as some fans and pundits are brainstorming on the final question and the outcome of the pageant. As a pageant lover myself, I have created some of the suggested response to some of the Miss Universe and Miss Earth questions and how should the ladies handle such pressure. I will post later and in the future articles, my responses to some of the questions.
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