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Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Universe Most Memorable Moments Part 6/7

2007 – Some of the delegates stormed out of the stage crying because they could not accept their non-placement as a semifinalists as they deserves to be instead of Thailand, Venezuela, USA among others who made it. Next time, there should be 25 or 30 semifinalists to make sure all deserving ladies should be up there and to have a healthy and strong competition.

        When Miss USA Rachel Smith was called as one of the semifinalist, she was kissed by Miss US Virgin Islands who was beside her Rachel Smith suddenly wiped her face because for her Miss US Virgin Islands carry viruses, germs and bacteria that she needs to be disinfected after she was kissed. Rachel Smith should not assume she is superior to US Virgin Islands or other candidates when it fact she is as filthy as shit and she is also black just like US Virgin Islands and her mouth is like that of a barracuda. A mandrill monkey, no matter how she is dressed, is still a mandrill monkey.

         Rachel Smith trips on her gown, embarrassingly recover to the laughing, ranting and jeering crowds. I thought she is going to rub her butt on the floor because it is itchy. She later went on the finals answering a question while being booed, insulted and mobbed by the crowd. She is mobbed because of her rude behavior on and off stage.

The crown fell from the head of Riyo Mori of Japan as she bowed down as a sign of respect and gratitude after she was named Miss Universe 2007.
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