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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Universe Most Memorable Moments Part 4/7

1992 – Miss Paraguay Pamela Zarza enormous costume, one of Miss Universe biggest national costume ever.

1994 – Miss Philippines’ Charlene Gonzales classic answer to the question “How many islands does the Philippines have?” in which she gave the host an option “low tide or high tide”

1996 – Alicia Machado shivering reaction as she was announced the winner.

1997 – Brook Lee’s classic answer to the final question that sealed her fate.

1999 – Miriam Quiambao’s classic answer to host Jack Wagner’s question: “One of your proudest achievement is to stand up to one of your professors back in college, now what have you stood up for recently?” Her answer is so powerful that inspires women around the world to stand up for their rights and let their voices be heard and her fall was imitated years later by both Miss USA in 2007 and 2008 Miss Universe.

Botswana’s bulging eye throughout the pageant is one of the most bizarre facial expressions ever in Miss Universe.

2001 – Puerto Rico made a scandal in that year that rocked the pageant world by being crowned in her hometown that was heavily criticized by many. Earlier she made headlines and controversy when she bagged home two of the four specials awards namely Miss Photogenic and the now defunct Clairol Herbal Essences Hairstyle Awards. It was obviously politically biased and considered one of the most tasteless pageant finals in history and Denise Quinones one of the most hated, undesirable and regrettable beauty queen in history.

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