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Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Universe Most Memorable Moments Part 7/7

2008 – Miss USA fell on the stage for the second time in Miss Universe this time with Crystle Stewart during the top 10 evening gown competition and this time the gimmick didn’t work out. She did not went on further and missed advancing to the finals.

2009 – Pretty obvious that Puerto Rico makes a mistake in the dance when she lower down her hands earlier than other contestants embarrassing herself slightly. I think it is so tiring for Mayra Matos to have her arms up that long so she immediately put it down.

     The top 5 finalists, who were regarded as the most stupid finalists ever, gave vague answers to questions asked by the judges that no one is fit for the crown and deservingly called Miss Universe.

2010 – Maria Venus Raj of the Philippines’ answer to the final question which surprises everyone. Most people including the judges expected Venus Raj to name the controversy about her birthplace to be the biggest mistake she had fixed. To her, it was not and she emphasized no big mistakes in her life she can think of by saying “major, major” in her answer. If only the she could counteract that controversy with a positive note and will serve as an inspiration to the rest of the women in the world, it could have worked effectively for her and make a big impact among the judges, the audience and the whole world as well. Maybe it is just plain destiny because if doors are closed, windows of opportunity will open.
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