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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss Universe Most Memorable Moments Part 1/7

              Throughout its almost 60 years of glamorous beauty competition and pageantry, celebrating women of substance and accomplishments, the event has been a part of our culture, being held annually and watched by billions of viewers around the world. It is also a respected institution which funded lots of charities and campaigns several awareness programs and advocating issues of utmost importance. It has franchise from several countries all over the world proving that it is a very successful pageant by giving us jaw dropping bombshells, gorgeous alluring women who has done a lot of achievements. As what Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” Miss Universe live up to her words by fulfilling women’s dreams into a reality by providing education, ensure a successful career and pursue its causes, advocacy and campaigns it champion.
         Since Miss Universe have been an annual event being watched by many, we cannot avoid seeing some scenes or moments during the event that will never be erased in our memories. It can be regarded as classics that add color and art, very important elements to the beauty pageants giving us an enriching entertaining experience of Miss Universe that may somewhat dull and boring otherwise without the lighter moments. Here are just some of the lighter moments I observe and watch in the 60 years of Miss Universe pageant.

1952 – The very first Miss Universe is somewhat exciting as it is controversial. The stunning blue eyed lass from Muhos, Finland Armi Kuusela was declared the first winner. Almost a year into her reign, she suddenly got a whirlwind romance to a dashing debonair, a Filipino named Virgilio Hilario when she visited Manila for the Philippine Fair. She did not finish her reign because of the marriage to Hilario but she remained Miss Universe 1952.

1957 – Miss Universe 1957 is also an exciting year that is won by Gladys Zender of Peru. Prior to the finals night 15 semifinalist were called and one of them is Miss USA Leona Gage. On the eve before the finals the same night when the 15 semifinalists were called, it was discovered that she is in fact a married mother of two kids upon an anonymous phone call and it was confirmed the next day. Her placement was replaced by Miss Argentina Monica Lamas. She was also stripped of her Miss USA crown and was taken over by her runner-up Charlotte Sheffield of Utah but its too late for her to compete for the finals so she was sent to the Miss World contest instead later that year.

Leona Gage, Miss Maryland USA 1957, after she won Miss USA 1957

Leona Gage crying when it was discovered that she is a married woman with 2 children, therefore, forfeiting her the Miss USA crown and other prizes and automatically disqualifies her at Miss Universe 1957 where her semifinalist spot was taken over by Miss Argentina Monica Lamas

1964 – Miss Universe 1964 was held in Miami Beach, Florida, USA that time. It was won by Corinna Tsopei of Greece. During the finals night, 12 semifinalists were announced to compete in bathing suit and evening gown when everyone else went to the backstage, Miss Nigeria Edna Park suddenly went crying hysterically stomping for 30 minutes and her tantrum is uncontrollable that it takes a couple of security marshall and pageant officials to take her to the dressing room. Miss Nigeria could not accept the fact that she is not announced as one of the semifinalists that night.

1968 – Martha Vasconcellos classic reaction as she was announced the winner.

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