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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miss Universe Most Memorable Moments Part 2/7

1969 – This is the year when a man first walk on the moon. It is also nice to note that behind every man’s success is a woman so it is just a fitting tribute and timely occasion to celebrate women of different colors.       This year, Miss Universe was won by Gloria Diaz of the Philippines, the third Asian to do so. The memorable moments this year were in the interview portion of the pageant.
            Switzerland’s Patrice Sollner was asked by the host Bob Barker during the casual interview of the top 15 if she has pets when to everybody's surprise asked what are pets or what is the definition of pets gave the audience a sudden burst of laughter. When Bob explained what it is, she named her pet and repeatedly named her pet Sheena which the host confused as having two cats named Sheena.
            In the top 5 final interview, Miss Japan Kikuyo Osuka was the last of the 5 finalists to be called to answer the final question: “In the next day or so, a man will land on the moon. If the man from the moon landed in your hometown, what will you do to entertain him?” The Japanese interpreter had a trouble with herself in translating that her interpretation is longer than the actual question which makes the people laugh upon the sarcasm of the host Bob Barker. Miss Japan made a brief response in which she wants the “man on the moon” to see her city Nagoya which she eventually landed as fourth runner up.
            But the classic response and regarded as one of the best answers in MU History was the answer of the eventual winner Gloria Diaz, beaming with smile, poise and confidence saying “Ah, just the same things I do I think when he’s been on the moon for so long, I think when he comes over, he wants to change, I guess.” She got a thunderous applause from the audience for that answer. Yeah, wearing that bulky astronaut space suit is really tiring and uncomfortable and of course, naturally the first thing an astronaut should do upon landing back on Earth is to change clothes before anything else including the entertainment and no one thought of that.

1973 – The first Miss Universe to be held outside continental America and first worldwide telecast of the pageant took place in an open air Herod Atticus theater in Athens, Greece which was won by Margarita Moran, the second Filipina to do so.
             In the semifinals, all the 12 contestants who made the first cut undergo a casual interview which tackles their experiences and all about their background. India and Argentina made an unforgettable moments during the casual interview. Miss India Farzana Habib was asked about her prophetic or clairvoyant skills predicting on some of her fellow delegates. Finally, she offered to predict the host Bob Barker in which she said “that he (Bob Barker) would live a very long successful life only that he has a womanizing tendency.” She would have further continue by naming or describing his other women only to be halted by the laughing and blushing Bob Barker. Miss Brazil Sandra Mara Ferreira gave a dumb answer to Bob Barker's question of why she wanted to be a plastic surgeon. She responds that she wants to do faces, legs and all things as if she will be the modern Frankenstein creating a monster. Miss Argentina Susana Romero gave samples of some words she knew in English until she mentioned numbers in which she enjoyed saying much to the laughter of the audience.
             But the most memorable in evening is the final interview question asked for Miss Israel Limor Schraibman. “If you could stop being you and become somebody else, who would you like to be and why? surprised in which she reluctantly asked for an interpreter. When all the other finalists answered a question, Bob Barker returned to her with an interpreter to help her with the translation when she suddenly grab the microphone from Bob Barker and say “I understand now”much to the amazement and laughter of audience and Bob Barker sarcastically say “Thank you for your tremendous contribution “ to the interpreter.

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