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Monday, September 1, 2014

British DI Wins Mr. Gay World 2014

Englishman Stuart Hatton Jr. reacts after he was declared the winner while Cypriot Kiriakos Spanos (left) is first runner up

Contestants congratulates Stuart Hatton Jr. of United Kingdom as winner of Mr. World 2014 

Stuart Hatton Jr. celebrates his victory as Mr. Gay World 2014

Rome, Italy - British Ballroom Dance Instructor from Newcastle, England 29 year-old Stuart Hatton Jr. bested 22 other gay male contestants to win the coveted title of Mr. Gay World 2014. First runner up is Kiriakos Spanos of Cyprus, 2nd runner up is Robbie Lawlor of Ireland, Venezuela's Luis J. Vento came as 3rd runner up and Bridge Hudson of Hong Kong is 4th runner up. Some of the special awards given inclue Mr. Photogenic went to Mr. Spain, Mr. Congeniality went to India, National Costume award goes to Spain and the People's Choice went to India. Hatton is a dance instructor who specializes in foxtrot, tango and waltz and listed circus, comics and manga as some of his interests.

The contestants underwent some minor competitions including formal wear, swimwear, interviews and written examination leading to the finals. On the finals night contestants compete in categories such as national costume, swim wear and the formal wear before announcing the semifinalists and the final Top 5 in which they will answer a final question to find out the winners.

Two heavy favorites in the contest, France's Jordan Joly and Finland's Peter Linden shockingly missed the cut as a semifinalist.

Here's the result of the said contest.

Mr. Gay World 2014 - United Kingdom - Stuart Hatton Jr. (2nd RU Gay Europe '14)
First runner-up  -  Cyprus  - Kiriakos Spanos (Gay Europe '14)
Second runner-up -  Ireland -  Robbie Lawlor (Gay Europe '14)
Third runner-up  -  Venezuela -  Luis J. Vento
Fourth runner-up -  Hong Kong -  Bridge Hudson

Top 10 Semifinalists
Iceland - Troy Michael Jonsson (Top 6 US Mr Gay '12)
India   - Sushant Divgikar
Philippines - Randolph Val Palma
South Africa - Werner De Waal
Spain - Edgar Moreno

Special Awards:
DNA Cover Model -  Finland, Peter Linden
Mr Photogenic Challenge -  Spain, Edgar Moreno
Mr Cooking - Germany, Fabrice Gayakba
Mr Communication Challenge - Hong Kong, Bridge Hudson
Mr Art - India, Sushant Divgikar
Mr Congeniality - India, Sushant Divgikar
Mr Sports - Iceland, Troy Michael Jonsson
One-Minute Challenge - United Kingdom, Stuart Hatton Jr.
People's Choice - India, Sushant Divgikar
Swimwear - Cyprus, Kiriakos Spanos
National Costume - Spain, Edgar Moreno
Written Test - Canada, Christopher Wee
Formal Wear - United Kingdom, Stuart Hatton Jr.



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