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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Best Leaders Philippines Never Had: Richard Gordon – Bayani Fernando For 2016 Presidential Elections

Bayani Fernando - Richard Gordon Tandem In 2010 Presidential Elections

The strong tandem and dynamic duo of Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando made a forceful campaign in 2010 Presidential Elections in their noble desire to serve their country but lose to the more popular and powerful individuals. It was mostly a sympathy vote in 2010 Presidential Election that helped the then Senator Benigno S. Aquino III and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay. People overlooked the humble yet hardworking individuals in the person of Gordon and Fernando. These workaholic public servants who walk the talk have countless of accomplishments that should have be done and benefited up to the furthest and most remote part of the country. Astonishing feats that if only people understand and realized should have used the vote wisely for the right people to lead and serve them.
Lawyer, Politician, Broadcast Journalist and Public Servant Richard Gordon is the current Chairman of the Philippine Red Cross since 2004. He quietly worked round the clock helping people around the Philippines and in times of disasters or calamities one of the first to take action. He served in the Philippine Senate from 2004 – 2010. He was also the Tourism secretary under the Arroyo administration from 2001 - 2004. His popular Wow Philippines! and the “More Than The Usual In The Philippines” campaign and aggressive tourism promotional campaigns for the Philippines in several international media organizations like the CNN, BBC, Times Magazine helped bring in millions of tourists to the Philippines and gives people thousands of tourism-related jobs – an astonishing feat never have done before in the Philippines. Prior to that, he was the Chairman and Administrator of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority overseeing the rehabilitation and conversion of the former American military bases into a special economic zone pouring in several big international companies like Acer, France telecoms company Thomson SA, FedEx Express, Enron and Coastal Petroleum (now El Paso Corporation) investing US$ 2.1 billion creating 200,000 jobs in the new special economic zone. The delegates were also impressed with the facility when Subic hosted the 1996 APEC Summit. He was Olongapo City mayor from 1980 – 1986.

Mechanical engineer and politician Bayani Fernando is the former Chairman of Metro Manila Development Authority who made drastic changes and transformation in Metro Manila. Contrary to the popular belief that he is an anti-poor due to his displacements of illegal sidewalk vendors, he said that he is instilling discipline, cleanliness and neatness of Metro Manila elevating the dignity and decency of the marginalized sectors of the society to ensure order, comfort and convenience for everyone. He also served as a Public Works and Highways secretary in 2003. Prior to that, he was the ninth mayor of Marikina City from 1992 to 2001. He is instrumental in making Marikina City as the cleanliest and friendliest city in the Philippines as well as earning the distinction as the “shoe capital of the Philippines”.
Will the Filipinos give these two humble public servants opportunity to lead and serve them and will the Philippines be able to have a chance to be governed and inspired by these men of great vision, hard-work and proven track records? Will this nation be lucky enough to put these great individuals into the highest position to lead, to serve, to govern to make Filipinos to hope again and live a life that’s worth living and make the Philippines a great nation again?
In the succeeding articles and discussions, Watchful Eyes Of A Silhouette will enumerate and discuss in details the story and accomplishments of people who doesn’t make noise but just work, work and work most of the time. These individuals are some of the Philippines’ best public servants the Filipinos never had or we say Filipinos overlooked or ignored.

Fast Track Information

Name: Richard “Dick” Juico Gordon
Born: August 5, 1945 (Age 69) in Castillejos, Zambales
Parents: James Leonard Tagle Gordon
              Amelia Juico Gordon
Spouse: Katherine H. Gordon
Children: Mamie, Ali, LJ, Brian
Residence: Olongapo City, Zambales
Occupation: Civil Servant; Lawyer; Politician; Broadcast Journalist
Education: Elementary – Lourdes Catholic School, Quezon City – 1958
                                         Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Manila - 1958
                  Secondary – Ateneo de Manila University, Manila – 1962
                  Tertiary – Bachelor of Arts Major in History and Government, Ateneo de Manila University,
                                  Manila – 1966
                  Post-Graduate – Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines - 1975

Chairman, Philippine Red Cross – 2004 – Present
Philippine Senator – 2004 – 2010
Secretary, Department of Tourism – 2001 – 2004
Chairman and Administrator, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority – 1992 – 1998
Mayor, Olongapo City – 1980 – 1986
Director, Kong Commercial Philippines, Inc -1974-1975
Delegate, 1971 Constitutional Convention – 1971 – 1972
Brand Manager, Procter and Gamble - 1966-1967
Radio Show Co-Host, Aksyon Solusyon – Radyo5 92.3 News FM - present
Television Show Host, Duelo: Barilan Ng Opinyon – AksyonTV – present

Name: Bayani Flores Fernando
Born: July 25, 1946 (Age 68) in San Juan, Rizal
Spouse: Maria Lourdes Fernando
Children: Tala
Residence: Marikina City, Metro Manila
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer; Politician
Education: Secondary – Marikina School of Arts and Trades
                  Tertiary – BA Mechanical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology

Chairman, Metro Manila Development Authority - 2002 – 2009
Secretary, Department of Public Works and Highways – 2003
Mayor, Marikina City – 1992 – 2001



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