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Friday, September 5, 2014

Sims 4 Is Here! WHAT'S NEW?

Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis just released The Sims 4 last Tuesday, September 2 in North America and yesterday September 4 and 5 today the rest of the world but gamers and fans are already hooked up and going crazy over this game. Although some of the features of the game which is present in The Sims 3 was removed including the open world, the game introduced some features which are exciting and worth exploring. Here are just some of the new features of the game.

In creating Sims, there are new body parts where players can modify like the chest, arms and butts.

Sims act and work mostly based on their emotion or what they feel at the moment and largely influenced as well by their traits.

The traits to choose from decreased while the skills to acquire and enhance has increased to 23 and careers is up to 13.

For the first time, the Walk Style feature let players choose the way their Sims walk.

In Building homes, players can maximize their creativity by making a home they desire in terms of architectural style, shape, sizes and texture e.g. a house that looks like a Castle or an abode that looks like a cave or a pueblo dwellings or a home that shapes like a turtle's back.

New, fun and user-friendly interface gives the convenience for the players to play the game easier than ever.

I can't be able to buy the game for now maybe in few months time when I can have money and have my pc fixed.

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