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Friday, September 5, 2014

Finest Philippine Leaders Filipinos Overlooked Or Ignored Part II

 Pink Footbridge painted to look clean and decent by Bayani Fernando as Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman

Bayani Fernando Accomplishments

As Mayor of Marikina City


-          Ran and elected into office in 1992.

-          Transformed Marikina City from being a 4th Class Municipality into a model city accorded with 55 citations and distinctions. His administration as mayor transformed the former municipality into one of the best-managed cities and a paradigm of responsive and effective governance.

-          He led with great political will, with focus & determination and never waivered on his principles that he was able to help more than 30 thousand families who were squatters and at the same time get rid of the squatters problem in Marikina’s public places & near the edges of waters.

-          He implemented programs and reforms so that relocation was not the end goal, but providing means so that families could be self-sustaining was the ultimate goal. He has indeed succeeded in being able to turn around Marikina during his terms in office as mayor.

-          In his incumbency, he made Marikina one of the cleanest, friendliest and disciplined city in the country and says there is zero crime rate in Marikina at one time during his term.

As Secretary of Public Works and Highways Department

-          In his short term as a secretary of Public Works, he has shaped policy directions to ensure efficiency in the department.

As Chairman of Metro Manila Development Authority

-          Appointed as Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman in 2002 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

-          As Chairman, Metropolitan Manila has undergone dramatic change into becoming a livable metropolis. With his exceptional administrative skills and leadership qualities that have now become the yardstick of performance, he continues to prove himself as an agent of positive change. This earned him the moniker “Mr. Governance”.

-          Fernando has been able to implement and utilize traffic programs, urban transportation programs, traffic engineering, and the Urban Transport Integration Project. All of which focus on the transportation sector.

-          Another key focus that should also be highlighted, and probably not even downplayed as MMDA chairman is his leadership in bringing programs that deals with flood control and drainage management. Again, Fernando’s ability to get to the actual problems, and dealing with them squarely is yet another sign of his management style.

-          Cleared the major streets of Baclaran, Quiapo and other Metro Manila areas of illegal vendors, peddlers, objects and structures thus leaving huge spaces and room for people to walk and free the places with dirty and unsightly visuals.

-          Installed pink urinals along the busy thoroughfares and other areas in the metropolis that are meant to discourage men from taking a leak against the walls though they have become the subject of criticism – the urinals have become smelly due to lack of maintenance.

-          For Fernando, instilling discipline while earning a living even for the humblest vendors is a way to elevate the decency and dignity of people from walks of life.

Achievements and Distinctions:

•         Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa, Ateneo de Cagayan

•         The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award for Government Service

•         H.R Reyes Academic Medallion of Honor, Central Colleges of the Philippines

•         Doctor of the Public Administration, Honoris Causa by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines

 Bayani is a man of few words but his actions are undeniable while Gordon is a workaholic working aggressively round the clock while being vocal to what he thinks is right or wrong and always upholding the truth, justice and the Constitution. The duo is one of the strangest ideal pair in Philippine politics that is worth a chance to be elected to the highest positions and serve the country and lead it in the right way. In 2016 Philippine National Elections also called as Presidential Elections we will see the maturity and level of thinking of the people in the National Capital Region or Metro Manila and some parts of the country. Metro Manila have a huge turnout in votes that would really determine who is going to win.

The people in the provinces or in other parts of the country outside Metro Manila and Luzon are always watching over and on the lookout on what is happening in the elections and just waiting for the perfect timing to gain advantage and seek opportunities that would benefit their respective region, provinces, cities and town.

Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando are some of the finest leaders of the country that the Philippines never had the chance to receive their service that Filipinos missed that Filipinos had overlooked or ignored. It is time for them to make some noise, be heard and be visible to the remote places in the country rather than the “popular and the influential ones” who stole and continue to steal billions of pesos from Filipino taxpayer's money and until now make some noise with unprecedented controversies and humiliating scandals that the nation does not deserve for such beating but instead nation building through character building instilling discipline and other exceptional holistic virtues a public servant must possess to serve and lead. This is the country’s chance to take try their exceptional and selfless leadership and management style.

If these two will not run for the position and/or win the highest position in the country, we the people invite them to be our local advisors in Western Visayas region, Iloilo and Panay with regards to socio-economic policies of the region that will serve as guidelines or blueprint for immediate action and realization. Else we will push for full autonomy or federal form of government in the Philippines.


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