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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nanny Behind Internationally Acclaimed ILO ILO Film Ignored

ILOILO Film Poster

Auntie Terry together with the men who she took care as a boy in the 1990s - Director Anthony Chen (left) and his brother 

Auntie Terry recalling her fond memories with the Chen boys 

Teresita "Auntie Terry" with Angeli Bayani the actress who portrayed her in the film

While the critically acclaimed film ILO ILO is making waves around the world receiving accolades and earning rave reviews from film critics and movie fans, the real nanny behind it Teresita "Auntie Terry" Sajonia was never given due recognition by the Congress or Philippine government. Sajonia who hails from San Miguel town in Iloilo is portrayed as a loving, kind, patient and understanding nanny who took care the cute boy of a Singaporean couple during the tumultuous Asian economic crisis of the 1990s. The boy happens to be the director itself Anthony Chen. The poignant film warmed the cold hearts of many because it showcased the modern beautiful Singapore with very warm affectionate family and how they treat people including their servants and workers. Angeli Bayani whose exemplary portrayal of Auntie Terry in the film epitomizes the warm hearted, kind, patient, hard-working and the sunny disposition of Filipino workers worth recognizing by the government because Filipino migrant workers are the driving force of the Philippine economy pouring in billions of dollars of overseas remittances every year. I wonder why these crappy corrupt politicians never dare to submit resolutions giving her at least an honor and due recognition if not really help her uplift her miserable situation. There is less media attention to her that these corrupt politicians want to make themselves feel good in front of the camera to consider giving her such an honor. All they want is to steal billions of pesos from taxpayer's money. So pathetic!

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