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Monday, October 18, 2010

Chile Trapped Miners, An Inspiration

      There's a miracle happened to the rescued miners in Chile who trapped underground for 69 days when a landslide took place dragging down massive layer of rocks and sand. Large and modern equipments was used to recover them alive and well due also to their sheer determination and struggle to save all of them from the suffocating tunnel. This is a stark contrast to what happened in St. Bernard, Guinsaogon, Leyte, Philippines when some of the children, teachers and their principals were trapped underground when a landsline took place and the soft soil and stones from a mountain came down covering the whole school and some portion of the village. Some of the teachers and children have been rescued but most of them who are still alive, crying and moaning have been left behind and taken for granted and according to the authorities could not be saved anymore due to the depth of the area where they are trapped and the thickness of the mud thats so hard to remove uncovering them. It shows their negligence, indifference and apathy for the victims. The Chile miner's incident will put the Philippines to shame and will give them their hard lesson to what had transpired. I hope the Philippines should learn from this and take this as a challenge. But the spirit of those people who were not rescued when they should will not be at peace and shall haunt them.
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