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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Millenium I Century I

Decade V Year 1
As people of a righteous being shall live and dominate.
No one shall harm not overtake.
All live in peace and happiness.

Year 2
Divide unresolved people of Harem, Pintados, Pan-ay, Negritos, Gigantes, Sierras, Midsayap,
Hacienda Fernandina, Sugbu shall be once again reunited and honored.
Retreat and agreement shall finally be done.
Lazarus shall never again hate Sierras and Sierras will never again hate and harm Lazarus.
Shall fight the enemy of Islas and drive away perpetrators and other race
Seven years to construct, seven years of humbleness and seven years towards a wide expanse of

Year 3
People of the South and of the mid-East beware of your pride; flocks are now ready.
By the arms raised, trouble shall now start.
People from far, distant lands from mountains to the sea shall come to defeat you.
The day has come when arms shall rise when no one is ready and everyone blames.
Cries and shout will be heard when piles of dead lying in rows in the outstretch of the road.

Year 4
The land of Mesopotamia shall now find rest from all sufferings and the difficulties of life.
The reign of the greed and barbarous has now ended and was buried underground only
to be taken and undergo a trial.
Justice will reign and people shall shout in joy.

Year 5
People of Cancurra, BreƱas and Indios Barbarros who suffer
from a thwarted punishment shall not be rejoicing.
If a punishment will not take place, a much cruel bigger punishment awaits.
All of your land will starve and famine will trouble your people.
Tornadoes, the rampage of the win shall sweep your land from east to west, from north to south.
From the mountains to the seas.

Year 6
At the time when sensuality and desires of the flesh is promoted
and overly emphasized and lust is tolerated, the common people
most especially the young, tired and humiliated by the acts of human desires and
disrespect for dignity will feign and retire to old age and remain single.
Older generations and the aged era will be a threat.
Sterility will increase, fertility will be rare and single blessedness will be a fashion.
The world will be a lonely place but somehow proper.
Yes! Mars will capture Freya not until it is tiresome.
At mid time they shall face and stab each other to death.

Year 7
O charitable of the road sweep the dust and left behind blood.
Lives lost and all were not spared.
Even the horse is battered and dead.

Year 8
Poor Marcus you betrayed and deceive your guests,
Spoiled and rotten shall come poison.
Other left lifeless, others poor chance and remorse and cries shall rule.

Year 9
Those who live in hate will die in hate.
Where there’s envy, fury spur.
Enrage and bitter, equipped with weapon will strike blood and shall bring forth
all in shelter to death.
Near it shall also accompany those who were dead.
The assailant run far away then commit crime against itself.

Year 10
Those who are not Narcissus shall be exiled
live in distress, depression and gloom and curse shall overcome their lives.
Country of Silesia, Narab Aramke will be it.
Pity whose lives were misery, entangled and constricted and despaired.
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