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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Millenium I Century I

Decade IV  Year 6
A great ambitious leader shall seek aid from neighboring country
Far and wide shall hear his voice and help comes in time
After awhile leaders in disbelief in him deserted him and left alone in the middle of war.
All alone rage fierce and conquer and kill a number.
Capture in the way of all he wants


Year 7
Days are numbered and less than the combination of your fingers and toes.
When the generations to come shall decline, population diminishes and deteriorates.
Crops yet too old has been unyielding until it withers.
When oil and water no longer separates, so to speak of species and races,
Opposite poles positive-negative no longer attracts.
Stronger bonding between like poles will be dominant.
Otherwise, the flower and the tree which have not seen the sun and
Feel the breeze of the wind shall grow unproductive,
not bounty and unyielding until it withers.

 Year 8
O country of grapevine and prosper how such fate shall befall you.
Once proud, prosperous is not worth more than the anguish you will receive.
Savage and violence from a point to where your eyes can see,
Nothing will shelter you safe and unharmed.
Take up your things leave but before you notice
Place you take is the one you hate and humiliate.


Year 9

Slave of people of the Sierra and Marmole shall not hate and pain will release.
Whips and slashes awaits them.
Like a big slab of stone falling to Sarsadias.
Honres, Palapire, Tydon, Shaira and Harbin shall come next

 Year 10

The conspiracy of betrayal begins.
Enemy behind is advancing
Test and struggles survive them that brings them to Fielo and sub armed preparing to launch
Once berate, high, prominent and proud will be subdued and capture.
Resigned from his post, properties taken, lives will be lost.
People who once unite in greed, treachery, deception and gossips
Be divided in factions and deliriously seeking to escape and survive.
Pity! Nothing is saved all is lost, cries will be heard and moans serenade the dark place.

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