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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade VIII Year 1
Three boys go and away in fields.
One look farther saw a terrorists and the terrorist look back.
Each of the boys run as fast as they can and being chased by the terrorists one boy
being hit by a stone thrown by a terrorist but run still.
The battle and chasing of good versus evil begins.
The terrorist seems big in a motorcycle and the cop is as big in a motorcycle.
Chasing here and there for a long time then when it caught it became a little child.

Year 2
Women clad in bikinis and daring suits leads the trend.
Guys in heat and others in guilt.
Swimming there is the theme they watch on tape.

Year 3
Time when there is equality.
White and black together seems nice and sweet.
Unity and cooperation is indeed a goal attained.

Year 4
In the scourge for the wicked,
Cries and moan you shall hear throughout the land
Few are spared but many are harmed
It will last double a quarter century plus four

Year 5
Time has come to pierce your heart
Anguish, cries and regrets will be heard
Jerks, and the mentally ill fight each other
Fools laughing and suffer more

Year 6
The previous popular leader trusted by people
Shall be followed by a righteous strong willed man of character
His past was shaped and sharpened by his skills in ruling his ever prosperous, busy bustling city
Shall bring good and felt by everybody

Year 7
When someone is starving the rest will
Savage beast against a savage beast
Chaos and turmoil will rule the land
Death will come if sufferings is already long enough and done

Year 8
When the right becomes bending the truth
and the wrong becomes the way of life
Evil which is lurking behind will take advantage, will devour them
So many are trapped and will be in limbo
Insanity, despair and self –conflagration will be in effect

Year 9
The jerks, perverts and assholes has ruled over for years,
But comes the learned and open-minded will challenge them
Meek and shameful they’ll suffer so much
A lifetime of suffering and death will take its toll on all of the crooked.

Year 10
In all its grandeur, the ones who like to act and people who like the mask will be unmasked
Just like the wheel of fortune, it would turn and stand still
Shame and misery of a lifetime for once proud, affluent and prosperous oppressed, kind, learned
and open-minded lower and middle class and indigents
Justice has been really felt for the first time
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