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Monday, October 11, 2010



Millenium I Century 1

Decade VII Year 1
Snorty greedy pigs shall take its toll.
Fierce and dominant they shall not rule.
Overcome by their guilt and pride,
Almost everyone will be lured to the cliff of death and into the pool of chastisement.

 Year 2
Water shall be scarce and will disease.
They may be colored or as dark as charcoal.
Toxic with no other choice shall be used and means death by the time and again.

 Year 3
That object with seals left and right and center and that which
one can stand on the outside or seat above it shall make lots of losses.
It may be lost forever by the emergence of something more efficient
and effective object use to travel.
Thank because it is incorruptible.

Year 4
The child with bald head and somewhat loses his mind and uncared
shall be a luck or misfortune of its bearer.
It may cause happiness or miseries, joy or sorrow, life or death.
The result depends upon how it is carried or deals with others

 Year 5
The one in whiteheads or one in shrouded head will not make peace.
Starts in hate and culminates in war.
No one will halt until all is lost.

 Year 6
The reds and the blacks and the ones which belong will not stop.
Clashes here, bout there war anywhere and crimes everywhere.
Pity those who desire peace which they couldn’t
Hate reign supreme and fury remains.

 Year 7
Liliputs in wide grin and laughter will find
deep sorrow, trouble with problems, grieving in death.
Despair is theirs and hope is impossible

Year 8
The words of hoax that springs from tongue
of many jobless and without work will become them.
What they said, will happen and affect them twice, thrice or even seventy times seven.

 Year 9
The one in guilt shall be convicted and punish harsh.
Tried once, meet twice but assured of the third time.
Not even a potential lover before it can pledge shall be deprived of him.

 Year 10
What a horror, a night before fall moon.
A dozen and a half we stabbed to their death.
Throat had been cut, bosom had been sacked,
tongue are left in half, eyes were bloated out, holes got and organ had been robbed.
Just see what a meat is being done at the market.
A day of grieve and shock.
Sapiens of different species and races will they come from.

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