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Monday, October 4, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade VI Year 1
The contrasts of conflagration and overflow shall dominate the scene.
A symbol of faith and peace will mediate but in no effect.
Depressions, death, despair and hunger is their main grief.

Year 2
When it’s late, no chance to recuperate
It takes what it deserve, it is rewarded what it is worth.
It is given what is due.

Year 3
Rage will only fuel rage
Rage will multiply to fury and fury will give birth to hate, hate will breed death.
Death will propagate and create an era of curse. Curse shall enlivened and prolong.
Only love and a concerned heart to listen and care will avert it not until generations of
devastation and rupture.

Year 4
Connivance of water and wind shall not be appeased nor shall be avoided as it is anticipated.
Energy that flicker that gives life at night topple down
much to the horror of many.
Trees, houses floating in the air, dead shall outnumber those of which present already in the

Year 5
That family of hate, poor in living and thinking and hard in feeling
shall suffer not within but beyond.
What has become of them is what they shall be of their offsprings.
Parse and dry, cold and shiver unforgiving and indispensable sanction shall be theirs.
Suffer most until ill they die.

Year 6
A weak foundation that pre y on hate and mockery shall see for themselves a curse component.
Hate and mockery reigns and gives birth to worse and nightmarish breed.
Pity those innocent because they too become a victim of blatant enrage of those masters.
Species of the same shall attract the same.

Year 7
Sterility, incompetence and incapacity shall be the main issue.
Few are giving lives when mostly are sterile and incapable.
The rest will live alone while others fulfill lives with the same flock.

Year 8
Robbery, kidnaps, hostage & anything that steal money
and shall take lives of many will begin anew.
Too difficult for peacemaker to help & rescue.
Lives and properties shall be lost and for long despair shall be theirs.

Year 9
For those who commit grievous moral crime, those who never give chance life to live,
and those who commit the crime of giving birth and abandoning a child
Shall see nothing but hellish punishments and a life full of curse.
Be warned think several times before leaping for a decision.

Year 10
I see a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.
Ravaged by inequities, destroyed by wickedness
and wreak havoc to its humanity.
In due time, a whip will beat them,
Not by a smoldering sulfur overflow the town but by any other means
As the time and situation agrees.
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