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Friday, August 20, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade I Year 8
An old very ill powerful king of the Middle East shall choose a white bold but indecisive successor.
All the kingdom’s king and men and emirates will praise and honor him.
Except a small but powerful monarch.
All of the kingdom’s men will ask but set in furious and anger when heard of his response.
A short war will take place.

Year 9
An infamous man shall be tested for obedience from his comrades to kill his now- famous, philanthropic, politician son.
But driven by his conscience, he will not to do so in that particular time but rather run away,
Fled from east to as far as the west for his sorrow and guilt for himself.

Year 10
There stood a just but proud man.
By the time of danger he will be in his death thru a wound in his heart.
After his relatives, kin, wives and husbands shall separate and divorce,
Finding another partner shall see in poverty and despair
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