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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade II Year 1

In the year of doubled millennium and two dozen, there sprout in growing numbers a disease of leprosy like.
It swells and itchy and affects the blood, some other die.
Those who suffers for awhile will recover
And those who will not suffer for awhile will experience a pain waiting after it.

 Year 2

A large cat of northeast foresees the growth of its kittens.
The kittens will foreplay & engage in a pretentious war.
One white is wounded or hurt, the results is laughter.
All that starts well, ends well.

 Year 3

A small quail island shall be surprised by a flock of quails temporarily landed.
People of fifty thousand will eat the meat of the most then suffer an allergic disease.
For three months, when most are sick, the birds will fly away from the island where no more
In such time when there are more leftovers and some are buried, people will recover.

 Year 4

In decade of double millennium, dangers will await those sinners and atheists.
Group of Christ hater with a black cloak similar to those of the monks with numbers 969 &
Others spread like fire in many countries even those revered ones.
Shall kill & sacrifice the wicked & sinners but cannot go near and avoid the strong faithful.
Some quite little faithful shall be tempted beware of a small trap.
Remain strong and renew your faith in Christ.

 Year 5

In third millennium, a building will be made to transfer from here to there,
News & information shall be received by high technology
All shall live easy but not happy.

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