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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Millenium I Century 1

Decade I Year 4
A beautiful lady from Visayas will stumble them all.
Winning the biggest pageant with all proud & glory.
The whole nation celebrates.
A famous leader will do salute to her.

Year 5
Four strong nations shall comprise to help a poor ally.
Through the help of a powerful nation.
Once a foe, shall be forgiven.
Agrees to help, with great riches and wealth.

Year 6
A large, progressive southern state shall live his own.
Disease, war & poverty all in mind & present situation
Summon to unite with the nation
Jealousy of a smaller middle state shall appease by the mercy of a great fatherly state.
In the end, peace and prosperity will reign.

Year 7
Three famous but bared people of an Orient Isle
Shall foresee death before their very eyes,
Put to shame by once sacred people.
Murdered but in three days people shall learn.
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